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Dewalt dwd110 clunking noise at start up

Guest huku2010

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Guest huku2010

Just purchased a new Dewalt dwd110 corded drill for a household project. The drill operates fine but at the initial start, there is a loud clunk as if the gears are sloppy. Is this normal? I had several other corded drills before and my Milwaukee cordless doesn't do this. If I happen to start the drill slowly, no clunk, but if I pull the trigger quickly, a loud clunk. It seems irregular. Is this a defect? 

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I also bought this drill and it's a piece of crap...took it back to store and they wouldn't honour their warranty...3yrs on manufacturer defects only...well, i would expect that if you build a piece of crap in the first place, you would honor it for more than a few years...what about when it falls apart through normal wear and tear...I didn't use it that much in a year and a half, and the chuck locked up on me...now they want $50 + tax to fix it...only paid $80 for it...switching to a brand that honors a half decent warranty.

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i've had this drill for years and by the looks of the guts, it will last me a lot of more years to come (looks like it's built to last)... love the belt hook, BTW.


although it is not the same model, it basically the same innards like this schematics show... http://www.mendingshed.com/dwd110k-type-1.html

but yes, the "clunk" (like hitting wood very slowly with your knuckle once) is in my drill too... i have to pull the trigger really quick to get it though... and it does not do it all of the time... it never got my attention until i read this.

but you might be right regarding the gears "loose". if i move the chuck's big gear, there is some play there... now i don't know if it is due to the rotor twist gear design that causes that, but my dollar is that the wiggle room is what is causing the "clunk" you are experiencing... would that make me sell my drill? no (like i said, that has never even bothered me before). but i am not you, so, if the "clunk" bothers you, i would get my money back. IMO.

BTW, cordless is another animal... don't compare corded with cordless.

my Milwaukee cordless doesn't do this

also, i have other corded drills at work, i may take a peek inside when i have time.

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Wow! Tinypic removed my image really fast... time to look for another image host...

at any rate, upon further research, i noticed that in the work job, this "clunk" does not mean anything... and further, is not the gears, is the trigger or the motor itself...IOW, the way it was designed... not defected. well, i don't know how bad is your "clunk" but i am just going by my experiences. (yours may be defected from assembly line)

when it hinders you in your work, is when i would worry about. the drill should be at least 2500 RPM... the faster, the better to me :)

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