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Do I NEED the XRP Batteries?


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Hello all, longtime lurker, infrequent poster.  ;D Anyways, I just picked up the Drill/Impact Driver Lithium-Ion Combo kit. It came with the the Compact Lithium batteries, not the XRP (Although, the combo kit with the XRP batteries dropped to the same price as what I got after 30 days, but thats another rant.) Any who, I am looking to get a Circular Saw, and It can be had for $85 on Amazon, while the kit with the battery and charger is $250. My question is, do I need the XRP batteries for the Circular saw? I know that the saw makes those normal Compact Batteries work a bit harder, and shortens the life, but I figure since I use the tools only on occasion around the house, it won't make too much of a difference. Considering the XRP Battery can also be had for $85 on Amazon 85+85= Less than 250. Really the only thing I want from the 250 kit is the case, can I buy that separately?

Loving the DeWalt tools though, even though I don't do too much heavy duty work, fixing and building things around the house a lot easier and a lot less frustrating!

Thanks in Advance!

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You can use the compact batteries with the saw, you will see a shortened runtime is all. You won't damage, or shorten the life of the battery unless you get pretty abusive with it. The battery will simply shutdown in order to protect itself against heavy discharge. Just release your finger from the trigger, and it will reset.

XRP NiCd batteries are inexpensive(DC9096) and if you felt like you needed one, but didn't want to pay the $$ for a DC9180 you could get the DC9096 instead.

You can alway's find the spare cases on Ebay. I found a pretty good deal on the saw, 1 battery, and case Here. It is a refurbished saw.

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