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Keyless Chuck for Quick Connect Drill Issue

Unjust Jester

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Hello, folks. I'm having a problem with this tool. Though it seems to be excellent quality, I cannot loosen the bit from the keyless chuck. The part of the tool that is held, which spins to open or close the chuck, moves back and forth slightly, as if it is some sort of locking mechanism to prevent loosening while drilling, however, despite whatever position it is in while I attempt to loosen the chuck, it will not loosen. First, I simply attempted to run the drill in reverse, but the chuck holds fast. Next, I put a wrench on it, to no avail. Then I put it in a vice, and still had no luck. Might it just be broken?

Here is a link that shows the chuck in question: http://www.toolup.com/dewalt_dw0521_quick-connect-38-impact-chuck.aspx

Any tips on how I might be able to open this chuck would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

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