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concrete hammer


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I will probably buy a concrete combi hammer model D25602K this week. Anyone that have this tool that have something to say avbout it, good or bad?


It seems to be a very fine tool but I found hard times to find any comparison test against other manufactures. So, if anyone owns this tool maybee you have something to add?

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I've used the 1" version of this the D25762K to bust out my floor in my basement. Plumbers put all the drain's in my bathroom in the wrong place. Not by inches, by feet! I had quite a bit of concrete material to remove. Aside from hole size capacity the two are identical. I can tell you what I really liked about it.

You can thread the handle into the back part of the tool. When I was chipping up the floor, it was a simple, yet nice feature. It took strain off of my back because I didn't have to bend over near as far. The built in Shocks, worked amazingly. I'm used to using the old Bosch and Hitachi combination hammerdrills without the shocks. Their is a noticeable difference! With OSHA laws changing, you will see some form of vibration dampeners built into all the competitive hammers. It did have a 2 stage built in clutch to protect you, and the tool, from bind ups. I was not drilling any holes so I was unable to try that feature out. I used it for about an hour, that's all it took to bust up 15sqft of material. That's including my time cleaning up debris as I worked.

In my opinion, it was a fabulous machine. It had plenty of power, and a lot of great built in features. I also noticed it was built in the Czech Republic. Something I always like to look at.

Hope that helps somewhat?

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I ordered the machine today and hopefully it will come in the end of the week. I read the review you linked to and actually I found one more and also in that one they where 100% satisfied with the machine. So with you it is 3 different reviews that gave the machine full "pott".

I´m sure I will be very pleased with the tool.

I also read that the hammer are able to make up to 65 mm big hole with something called "break through drill" ( translated from the swedish word )

Must admitt that even though I have been working for 15 years as a electrician I have never seen or heard about that kind of drillbit. I guess that kind of drill take less stress on the machine and therefore it is possible to make bigger holes. I also guess that that kind of drill bit is slower and more expensive compare to a "traditionall" hammer drill bit.

Thanks for telling me your experience with the tool.


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DeWALT sells those in Europe too. For use with SDS-Max hammers.

For drilling holes in concrete and masonry with a thickness up to 550mm.

DT6790 (55mm) catalogue price € 351,90

DT6791 (65mm) catalogue price € 404,70

DT6792 (80mm) catalogue price € 461,90

Definitely not the cheapest drills ;)

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Amazing hammer.  I have it in my garage right now, and it is a great tool.  If you are going to be doing just chipping/demo (like DeWALTDUDE was talking about) then I would recommend something like the D25891 or something similar.  If you will be doing predominantly drilling with the occasional chipping job, with drill bits smaller than 1 3/4 (preferably smaller than 1 1/4"), you will be extremely happy with the tool.  One thing to keep in mind when looking at DeWALT hammers is that the hole size listed for each hammer is it's max recommended size, so you want to step down a a bit for your common hole size. (example: if you are going to be drilling a few 1inch holes, a lot of 1 3/4 holes, and a few 2 inch holes, get the 2" hammer.  point being that you want the majority of your holes to be smaller than the hammer is rated.) 

You are right though, the SHOCKS system is amazing.  Every major player in the hammer market is releasing their version of vibration dampening, but trust me  (as a person who has had the opportunity to try them all), they are anything but equal.  Hilti has some decent vib. dampening systems, but other than that the vib. dampening from the other brands do little more than "look cool". 

Hope this helps!  Enjoy your new hammer!

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