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DW 988 clutch?


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Hi everybody!

Well, Max, from France. I'm doing roofing mostly, and i have tons of XRP dewalt stuff.

My first dewalt cordless drill is a DW988, from god knows when. May be more than ten years old.  It's acting weird since i've changed the switch. It works fine in forward mode, but the clutch slips in reverse.

Could anypone explain why? Ok, if it was slipping in both direction, i would easilly say clutch gone. But working normaly forward and bugging in reverse???

Could i "lock" the clutch? I mean i tried to weld the pin which is on the spring of the clutch plunger onto the ring of a DC925, but that machine bought secondhand from the hong kong ebay seller pc1000e2390  which imho is not trustworthy. Can't remember if the trick worked.  How would you go about locking a clutch. I don't need it anyway. Shoving 10 or 12 inch screws in larch!

Thanks a lot for any help you can give guys.



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