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Has anyone else had troubles with a Service Center?


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I buy DeWalt because of quality, the ability to get parts and repair tools, and their "excellence."  And I have a bunch of DeWalt tools.

I'm not sure I will stay with DeWalt though after this latest experience, and I'm curious if anyone else has had something similar happen.

The story:  I went in to get some parts for a heavy duty circular saw.  The guy at the counter said that they could repair it for much less than I could do it for.  That convinced me.  Now, just a couple of days shy of a month, I went in for the second time to see why it wasn't finished and got the same story - waiting for parts.  No call to say they're having problems, no apologies, or any kind of help.  This certainly isn't excellence!!!  My inclination is to throw the piece of c*** in the garbage, buy a Milwaukie saw, and never buy anything from DeWalt again.

Like I said earlier - Anyone had similar experiences?

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My typical experience is 1-7 day's to get an item repaired. Waiting for a month is less common.

Part shortage is going to happen, everyone uses 3rd party vendors to supply a majority of parts. Does not matter if it's Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, etc.... It happens. Go hang out at the Ridgid Forum, some of those guy's wait upwards 3-4 months for a part. Dewalt has more factory owned service centers than any other Power-Tool manufacture in the USA. I'd just be patient, even if you repaired it yourself they still would have had to order the back-ordered part in anyways.

Just keep in contact with them on a weekly basis, you will get it repaired.

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I think I was more miffed by not getting any status, particularly when DeWalt's motto is dedicated to excellence.  Nothing so far indicates any kind of excellence.

If everyone is poor on parts, then perhaps the best strategy would be to buy cheap and if anything breaks then buy another one.  Right now i've got a fortune in DeWalt tools and I depend on most of them.  If I can't depend on DeWalt to get them back in a reasonable time then what do I use until I get the tool back?  At least then I wouldn't mind going and buying a cheap replacement.  Not the best way, just the best way under the circumstances.

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