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How to improve radio reception on the DeWALT DC011

Glenn Lever

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I am looking for ideas on how to improve the reception on the DC010 on weak radio stations.

The tracks I race at have small FM radio station they us in conjuction with PA systems to announce staging times.

I was thinking of mounting a CB antenna next to the radio and running a wire to the orginial antenna mount on the DC010.

Any suggestions?

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Isn't the CB band a very small segment of the FM band?

That is why I thought of using a CB antenna. I could get some real hieghth with that.

The wire rapped in a CB antenna is a function of the wave length (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1 wave length which is 102 inches).

Do you know the wire length rapped in the antenna on the radio?

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I used to play with CB radio's before cell phones were around. I even built my own antenna out of conduit pipe and mounted it on my roof. That was a long time ago, and I've forgotten most of what I learned then.

I don't know the length of wire in the DC011 radio antenna. Try out the CB antenna, I don't see what it would hurt? Just tune the radio into a weak radio station and give it a try? If it doesn't give you a boost I would try making your own Dipole antenna out of braided speaker wire?

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