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Question about Black and Decker.


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Hey guys, me again.  I know that Black and Decker and Stanley Tools merged, but I have a problem I am almost 100% you guys can help me with.  A very long time, I bought a Black and Decker Air Station Model number:  9527 Type 1.  It's 's UL listed and has 120 volts.  I am very sorry, but I don't have the amperage rating.

Sadly, this Air Station has had some issues recently and I'd really like to know if there is a number to call to for repair and if there was still Black and Decker repair shops still in existence.    I live in USA, but I wonder if they still exist.

I want to repair this, because not only is this made in USA, but I've never had a issue with this product ever before.  Any information given will be greatly appreciated,  and you'll really be helping me  out and in the future, I will try my best to do the same.

To those who help me, thank you very much.  I can't thank you enough.

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Dewalt has Factory owned, and authorized service center's all over the country. They service all the power-tool brand's under the parent company. http://dewalt.com/Find-Service-Center-Results.aspx punch in your zip code, and it will show you the nearest authorized, and factory owned service center's in your area.

Dewalt also has a customer service line you can call 1-800-4-DEWALT. That number will assist you with your Black&Decker questions.

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DEWALTDUDE:  Thank you, today was a chaotic day for me, thanks again.

EDIT:  12/20/2011.

I tried Dewalt some time back and while they weren't really able to help me, I had a person told me it might be the "piston" of the Air Station 9527 Type 1.

Not knocking Dewalt, but it does seem like I am on my own here and I could definitely use some help if possible please.

Does anyone else know any other power tool service centers that work on Air inflator's/compressors, particularly on Black and Decker Brands.

I certainly could use any and all help if anyone has any answers of any kind.  It sucks, but I only have one resource left.


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Dewaltdude, I've done that, I have forgotten how many times already, I just wanted a plan B, if plan A blows up in my face.

I am just going to be 100% honest here, Dewalt is a good company, but I've noticed that once a product is discontinued, good luck getting any support, especially if you need something fixed or a part.  I am really not trying to knock them, but at the same time,  but this is what I noticed.

But I manged to find two service centers and a part shop (after several hours of searching and several phone calls) so I am hoping that fixes this issue once and for all.

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Funny you ask as I seem to be finding two numbers.

I don't have the manual anymore, but there is a sticker on this model.

It states quote on quote  Service Product Black And Decker Service and Quality seal inspection F 8846.  Then to the left of sticker has the numbers 409. 

I actually found a part service company.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/black-and-decker-9527-type-inflator-120-volt-parts-c-4167_10512_10577.html

Took my compressor apart today (easy enough, but time consuming as the screws were in very tight) and luckily nothing is broken inside.  Well okay, the gauge no longer works, but it hasn't in a while and even though I took off the screws in the back of the gauge, it doesn't seem like any way of fixing that part of the compressor.

The motor works, but before I took it apart, it turned on, but did not provide any power.  The motor is well built and I have a feeling that this isn't as challenging as a fix as I initially thought.

In case this helps, I'll provide some other information as well.

The model number is 9527 and it's a Type 1.  This device is 120 volts AC and is 3.3 AMPS.  This device can deliver 1.0 CFM at 30 psi, maximum rated 60 Psi.  This is sealed up to 150 Psi and it's double insulated.  This device is UL listed 21B6.

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I can't find a whole lot of information on this unit. Based on the copyright date on the manual it leaves me to believe this was manufactured in the mid to late 90's. It's been said on this forum that B&D keep's part's for 10 years. Based on that assumption, it's going to be hard to find any technical part. You probably won't have any trouble locating screw's and washers, but that' probably about it.

E-Replacment part's is probably your best bet as you mentioned, but they won't have everything you need.

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Just went to a  Dewalt/Porter Cable/ Delta Machinery/Black and Decker  Factory Service Center today and while the guy I was working with was very helpful, it was part number 16 on the diagram that was broken and is no longer sold.  I asked about a replacement part (or something that would work just as well) but it doesn't seem like there is a part like that is still in production. 

I really wish I could find another piston, as that is all that needed (besides the gauge that no longer works, but that also is discontinued as well.) 

Their website is www.DeWALTservicenet.com and they do parts and repairs (electric-pneumatic-gas).   

Ereplacements parts seems to be the only site that sells parts and has pictures of these parts as well.  Dewalt Servicenet is good as well, but I haven't ever used it until today.

DEWALTDUDE, so do you have any suggestions at all on finding a piston then?  Any part shops that you might know of or so?  I truly have no idea where to find even a replacement part for this either. 

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Your Photo code should look something like that. You need the


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You can post your images inside the Forum Gallery if you don't have a account somewhere else, like Photobucket, Slide, Flikr, DropShots, etc.....

After you upload your photo in the gallery, you can simply copy the BB Code and paste it inside the topic of your choice.

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Dewaltdude:  Thank you, so that is how it goes.  Sorry if I lost my cool back there.   I found another way to post the pictures though. Again thanks.








Thanks for your patience everyone.  

EDIT So after making several calls and spending a great deal of time doing some research I finally found some information on my Black and Decker Air Inflator model number 9527 Type 1.  However,  Black and Decker nor Dewalt were okay enough with some info,  but ultimately, it would take me nearly 3 hours of both doing research and phone calls in order to find information about the piston.  The information I am about to share isn't information Dewalt/Black and Decker (I gues Stanley too since they merged in 2010) will share with you or even want you to know.  

The piston to the  Black and Decker Model number 9527 Type 1 is actually called a piston rod.   The part number to this item is 144166-00 and it is number 16 on both the Dewalt Service net and the ereplacements diagram as well.

Well the "secret" is out and because I don't really like secrets, I am going to declassify every means of resource of finding information on this tool and provide even more information that Dewalt/Black and Decker likely won't share.  

So to begin with, I actually found some pretty helpful information to my Black and Decker 9527 on ereplacements.com  Here is a link to the product.  http://www.ereplacementparts.com/black-and-decker-9527-type-inflator-120-volt-parts-c-4167_10512_10577.html

However, it's best to have a direct extension number to a repair technician right?  Well I have just that and I am more than happy to provide thats to guy who really was quite helpful as well.  ereplacementparts is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM mst and their toll free phone number is 1-866-802-6383.    Here is the extension number to a technician,  extension number 136.    If for some reason that doesn't work, there are other guy's there that are pretty helpful as well.

But the company that was most helpful and actually would provide the most helpful answer once and for all was Banner Tool Service.  This is the number Ereplacementsparts provided me, 623-842-0800.  Just tell them the model number, the type number, the name of the product and the item your looking for, and they will likely be able to help you out.

No matter what though, Banner Tools Service won't just tell you "Not much we can, your completely on your own."  Very nice people to talk to, at least with me on the phone calls I made, although I am very polite on the phone and probably  sounded very over joyed when the guy provided me with part number 144166-00 for the piston rod.

However, Grainger's technical product support was also very helpful (not to mention patient as well) and their phone number is 888-361-8645.  You may have to press 1 before 888, but I am not sure with this number.  This isn't likely the best number to call, but you'll definitely receive an answer with the Grainger technical product support number.  

I was told by another person that a company called Small parts might also be a great place in general for parts that hard to find and obviously, not regular size as well.  I've only dealt with them once, but all I know really about them is that they ship their products in air tight semi flexible plastic sleeves that are more (or less in some instances)  2mm dense.  

Well that is all the information I can provide at this time, but it's a giant amount of help to finally be able to part number to the piston rod, as information such as that is virtually impossible to find and doesn't seem like Dewalt, nor Black and Decker will provide that information.  Yes the product may be discontinued, but even so,  information such as this doesn't really need to be a so impossible to find, it could very well be seen as a "secret".

In the scheme of things, I am just glad I know have that information and now can pass this information to anyone and everyone  that wishes to read my post.    I'd really like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read my post though.

EDIT 2 1/05/2012   So yesterday while I was doing some more research on this Piston&Rod, I actually found a company that actually sells part number 144166-00 (Figure 16 on Ereplacements.com/Dewalt Servicenet.)  

Here is the link to the actual product.  http://www.partsimple.com/144166-00-025-n-4.html

This company is called Partsimple Corporation.   Here is the link to contact them.  http://www.partsimple.com/contact-us/

I couldn't find a direct line to their corporate office, however I did manage to find this website to locate other corporate offices.  http://ecorporateoffices.com/  Maybe that will be helpful with others I hope.

I tried several other sites and it seems Partsimple is the only company that carries this part and given that is part (144166-00) for the Black and Decker Model 9527 Type 1, that is quite amazing.

Here is a link the home page of Partsimple.  http://www.partsimple.com/

It's been a long journey to find this part, but I finally did and now anyone that ever needs this part, will be able to find information on this item.   All you have to remember is the part number, which for this Black and Decker Air Inflator Model number 9527 Type 1 is 144166-00 for the Piston& Rod.  As well as the figure number which is 16 on ereplacementparts.com as well.

EDIT 3 1/8/2012.  The piston I ordered from Partsimple hasn't arrived yet, but after doing more extensive research, I have managed to find some more information out on this product.    Including the actual price (at the time) of this product and even some very rare information about some finer details of this product as well.


So back in September 1989 Popular Mechanics did a informational ad on this product.  Imagine my surprise to see this actually cost $47, but considering how well this product works, it's no surprise.


However in the magazine Popular Science in October 1988, this item was in another ad, for a company called True Value.   The price was $51.88  Anyone seeing some inconsistencies yet?  No, you will.  


Here is a very old "review" of this product in 1987.  So not only does this mean this product was made in or before 1987, it also means it is not made later than that it seems.

However, it becomes even more fun.


Apparently the Publication Date was 11/03/1992 of this unit and the Filing Date was 11/02/1990.  So does this mean Black and Decker waited three years then?

I wasn't satisfied with that bit of information, so I did some more looking around.  Here is another link.  http://www.patentgenius.com/patent/5159961.html

Same info, just more of it.   This is quite confusing and very interesting at the same time.   I'll post when I do receive my Piston&Rod from Partsimple.  

EDIT 4:  1/12/2011,  Still no Piston Rod from Partsimple, that is beginning to get frustrating, but you know, it's not as if you can find this part anywhere.  That isn't what I am typing about though.  At least not at this point.

So it seems as if my images of my Piston Rod have disappeared entirely.   I took those pictures using the correct format and what have you and all those pictures contained were pictures of my piston and the rod.  

EDIT:  February 21, 2012. 

I figured one final update (unless anyone else wants to post here or something around those lines) and it turns out that Partsimple.com no longer carries that part and hasn't for a long time, based on a long string of emails.

So after doing extensive research, I did however manage to find a new air inflation station (from Black and Decker) and not only is made in USA, but it's the Model number 9528, the "deluxe" and more powerful version of the Black and Decker 9527 Air Inflation station.

In truth, I really wish I could find a replacement Piston Rod for Black and Decker 9527, but I am not sure if there any companies in existence that still carry that part. 

However,  I have found some phone numbers that do lead the corporate office of Black and Decker Stanley and Dewalt.    I will share these numbers.

Here is some detailed information as well as the phone number to Black and Decker Stanley.  http://www.hoovers.com/company/Stanley_Black__Decker_Inc/rryski-1-1njht4-1njfaq.html

As well as the industrial tool side of Dewalt.  http://www.hoovers.com/company/DEWALT_INDUSTRIAL_TOOL_COMPANY/rssyffrjj-1-1njht4-1njfaq.html

These numbers and information are very hard to come across and Dewalt nor BDS will likely ever tell you any of this information as well. 

In case for what ever reason the links do work or something here is Black and Decker Stanley corporate phone number written out.  Phone: 860-225-5111. 

I was lucky to find the Model number 9528 Black and Decker Air Inflator, but this took quite some time. 

If any of my information has helped, that is great to know.  Hopefully my information has indeed helped at least in some way.

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