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I am looking for a particular type of screw drivers.


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Hello,  about a month ago, after several months of looking around I finally found a Phillips #000 and the it's from the company Wiha.  Not only is this screwdriver made in Germany, but it's the best screwdriver I've bought since buying a set of made in USA Stanley screwdrivers more than a decade ago.  

My question is, I am now looking for a Phillips screwdriver #0000.  Craftsman does sell a screwdriver that size (I've bought it recently as well) but even though it's made in USA and is comfortable to use, somehow the tip of the screwdriver is actually larger than my Wiha Phillips #000.  I foolishly thought asking a associate (in Sears now less) who minutes before was helping me in the same department would know why that case and not only did he not know (despite the fact his badge is ultimate tool expert) but then he tried to get me to buy a complete set of screwdrivers.

Truth to be told, I am disapointed in the Craftsman screwdriver I bought and I was wondering if anyone else knew of any other brands that sold Phillips #0000.  Because Wiha unfortunately doesn't, neither does Klein or even Wera.  I heard that Pryatt Road (Master Force I think it's called these days)

I'll admit, I'd prefer a screwdriver all in it self, but I'll take any information anyone wants to provide.  As I'd be a complete bone head I was set in my sets and accepting of any other suggestion.  

Try as I  might though, I am also having massive difficulties finding a TP3 screw drive.  This is a type of screw drive that uses a Reuleaux Triangle-shaped recess in the screw head.  There are four sizes: A=0.079", 0.091", 0.106", and 0.126".  The only company I've seen make this type is Wera Tools and it's insulated and seems to be fairly large.  Siliverhill also sells several, but I heard the metal they used is extremely brittle.

If anyone knows of any companies that sell this type of head, I'd be really grateful to hear any information.  I know I am asking a ton, but I do have some information to share.   If anyone is looking for Torx Tamper Resistant screw drives, Torx Plus, Torx Plus security and Torx screws, I know of two industrial shops to find them.  Grainger and Fastenal.  Although they are open to the public, I only tell people who I know and or those who I know are interested in hard ware.

EDIT 12/31/2011 

So I was able to find a Phillips screwdriver #0000, but the one I purchased was way too large.  The one I purchased was a Craftsman Phillips #0000  Model number 941645 The UPC number is 03872841652  It was #0000 X 1 nch and of course it was made in USA>

According to my Sears receipt this is how the item was written (despite the incorrect grammar)  Sears ScrewDVR MDS and this cost $2.99, but with tax came out to be $3.25. 

I was able to find the bar code on item and the bar code is 0 38728 41645 2.  Here is a link to the image.  http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00941645000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1

Turns out though, based on link my model number I provided is not correct.  This apparently (according to the link) is the model number Model# 502-040C.

The Sears item number is also Sears Item# 00941645000.  Did some more research and this seems to be the overall length of the screwdriver.  Screwdriver Overall Length: 3-7/8 inches.    Yet the blade of this screwdriver is 1 inch precisely.    This is interesting, as this screwdriver is actually larger my my Wiha #000 Phillips screwdriver.

So I actually go to Sears and actually return this, as there is no point holding onto a product if I still have the receipt and it can be returned.  I spoke to several "expert" customer service agents, only to be transferred time and time again.

Yet I am thinking the Sears Executive Offices probably would provide more information and I am going to list that number so that no one has to go through what I did.  The phone number to the Sears Executive Offices is 1-800-995-2139.

Sears will never tell you this number in hopes you may accept what ever results you take, but while that may be okay with them, I rather make it so others have actual answers and real solutions. 

But on topic, if anyone knows of a Phillips #0000, I'd sure like to know.  I know that Pryatt Road makes one but you have to buy a set and I don't really want to buy a set.  Thanks for the help  though. 

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