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Wheres my Dewalt 36v New tools?


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I need a new 36v tool, preferably one that I dont already have in the 36v line as I dont want duplicates ;D I use the 36v tools almost on a daily basis and would really appreciate a 36v track saw and a hand planer. A vacuum would also be nice. A chainsaw?

Are they not adding to this line because the tools last forever and already have slide in battery packs?

I have money to burn and I need to add to my 36v line, I am sure there are plenty of others feeling the same way. 

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The 36v line has been quiet for a while. No body else seem's to be doing much with the higher voltages either. I too would love to see the 36v line grow. If you've got money to burn, I can hang onto it for you!

I went into my local hardware store today. I had been eyeballing a dewalt corded track saw for 3 years there. It sat up on top of one of the aisles and looked like it had never been moved. I went to the manager and asked him what kind of deal I could get on it. He offered 30% off, I said 35%, he said sold. I got the clamps and a 59" track and saw out the door for $426. I guess I dont need the 36v track saw now, especially after experiencing the battery performance decline.  :-X

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