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Dewalt DC988 Gearbox lube


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I decided to take apart my drill and clean it up. I was amazed at how much crap wass in there. There was quite a bit of sand/dirt in the plates going from the motor into the gearbox. I wiped it all clean. Now I would like to confirm where I need to put grease back.

Obviously I need to put some grease on the gears in the gearbox.  Can I use bearing grease of litium grease? I tlook like there was some black grease between the gearbox and the chuck. Also there was grease on the plate between the gearsbox and the motor. Perhaps that is just to seal out dirt?

I cleaned out the motor with electrical cleaner. Should I apply a light oil to the motor? Is there a hold where I can get oil directly to the bearings?

Appeciate any comments.

Ok. I decided to use some hi temperature bearing grease I had at home. but that waws the least of my problems. I was trying to slide the grearbox on the motor gear and dropped it. THe gearbox separated into all of the separate pieces. Thank god for the detailed pictures in one of the other posts. After about 60 minutes, I was fianlly able to figure out out to put it back together. Lubed up well and seems to be working correctly. The speed selector is a little difficult to move sometimes but other than that sems to be back if working order.

Take Care all.

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