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Adapter needed to run 28V tools on 20V batteries


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I blew it and jumped on a 28V track saw before realizing that I'm saddling myself with yet another platform.  Since Dewalt has terminated the entire 28V lineup I'm hoping to see an adapter plate that would allow me to use this tool with one of my 20V batteries.  Hopefully the 20V line will have longer support.

Any likelihood I'll ever see such an adapter?  I would think it simple & cheap to make and would show support for Dewalt loyalists :)

I've seen similar adapter projects for other applications on line (cameras, RC toys, laptops, mp3 players, etc, etc) but have yet to run across this wide 28V > narrow 20V slide plate.  Do others feel a need for this?

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I do not think such adapter is a very good idea since the tool is designed to run on 28 V. That means that the adapter have to convert 18 V ( there is no 20 V tool, se other post about this ) to 28 V. The 28 V tool will be very week if running on 18 V. Also I´m not sure how much the battery cell will be tortured to run a tool designed for 28 V and therefore also designed for heavier task compared to the 18 V tools. The 18 V battery pack is designed for less demanding tools.

Further more the adapter must be designed to handle a huge amount of current when the tracksaw is being used for heavy task.

Better to go with the 36 V line if you are using a lot of tools like the tracksaw.

Personally I think 18 V is best suited for all kinds of drill but saws are better in the 36 V line.

For heavy duty task when it is about using saws I still think a cord is the best solution, just like bigger rotary hammers.

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Is the 28V pack really a 24V?  ;D

I realize the saw will spin slower but I don't think that will hurt its usefulness.  A tracksaw is mainly for breaking down sheet goods and that doesn't require much muscle.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if it contained the same DC motor as my 20V...err...18V saw.

The discontinued 28V saw was $300 cheaper than the corded version--that gives me lots of modification budget.  If I can't run it on my existing 20V packs then I'd rather attach a power supply to it directly, a la Red Green if necessary, rather that support another battery & charger.

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