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DCD785C2 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Compact Hammerdril smoking...


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Bought the drill back in Feb 2012 through home depot online and been using it pretty hard since then. I added the 3 ah batter since there was the option for durability. I am a furniture installer, every once in a while we came across very tight screws in metal. Today we were working with a metal piece that was poorly manufactured, so the screws where crosstighning (entre roscando). There was this one screw I could get half way in, but could not leave it like that so I wanted to take it out. It got stuck. Since it was turning only at the beginning of the trigger touch, I started pressing and releasing, pressing and releasing. Was turning slowly but then a little smoke started to show so I stopped the drill immediately, but still white smoke kept coming out of it. On the spot I was told to remove the battery so I did and blew all the smoke out to cool down the drill.

I let the drill sit for about 2 hrs, then tried it. Of course I down graded the battery to the 1.5 ah. It seems to be working fine... but I lost my trust on the drill. One of the guys at work said once he had a drill that smoked like that once, then after a few months it was through. I work in a Makita environment and until now I was very proud of my Dewalt.  I was thinking on selling it while it still runs and get a Makita... I just don't know what to do. Tomorrow I have to go to work and will have to use it again... I don't know how damaged is my gun :-\

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I´m not a fan of impacts but in case like this a impact drill is better. It seems to me that you should have both a impact drill and this normal dcd785 drill. The dcd 785 you use for drilling and smal to medium size screws. The impact you use for big screws ,lags and bad screws like the one you described.

So, how damaged is your drill? Hard to say, if you are lucky nothing have happend if the temperature did not go up to much.I gues that the coating on the armature went a little to hot. Anyway, use your drill like nothing have happend. If the drill start to be week and have a slower max rpm You can exchange the armature. It is very easy and not that expensive. But before changing the armature, check the brush holders. A very common problem on makita and I guess that the brush holders can melt also on a Dewalt. They are very cheap and easy to change. If you still have a warranty, use that.

And never push the trigger like that, the current is very high through the motor in the starting moment with a highload ( in this case a stuck screw ) and therefore the motor will be heated up. The bad thing is you did this many times, not only once or two if I understood you correct. If the driver is not strong enough to do the work, use a stronger tool for the moment or a impact as I sad before. I know a big tool is not conviennent but if the tool is not strong enough, do not force it, get a bigger tool for the current task.

Trust me, makita drills are not better, my friends have burned and destroyed numerous makita drills, saws etc but never one singel dewalt tool. And that´s a fact.

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