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Need help aligning riving knife to saw blade on DW745


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I need some serious help on adjusting the riving knife to the saw on the DW745.  I read the steps in the manual for aligning the riving knife to the saw blade. It mentions to loosen the two lock screws and then adjust the three set screw to line up the riving knife. Check to see if it aligned then adjust accordingly. Well I am lost here. I have been adjusting the set screw for the past few hours and I am nowhere close to lining it up. I turn the set screws counter and also counterclockwise, but when I tighten the lock screws, the riving knife keeps on pulling left of the blade. I have no idea as to how the riving knife turning the set screws either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Could you someone please tell me what I am doing wrong or what effect does turning the set screws either clockwise or counterclockwise have on the alignment of the riving knife?

Right now the riving knife is to the left of the blade. In which direction do I turn the set screws to line up the riving knife? How loose should the riving knife when I am adjusting the set screws?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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