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DWS520CK Track Saw


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I finally gave in and bought on of these. I decided on the corded version with the pair of tracks in 102 and 59 inch sizes. I was not thrilled with posts on the smaller track being less than 48", nor the comments about the linked tracks not being smooth, so i went with the larger.

Today was play day with the new toy. I had some fresh MDF 4x8 wanting to become something. The track placement and lock out mechanisms too a little practice to get the hang of it, but after a trial cut on some scrap, i let-er-rip (litterally)!!! After the first rip, I was grinning eat to ear. This thing frigging ROCKS!!! The cuts were easy and laser straight. A jig would be awesome so i would not have to measure repeatedly for consistent results. Think like Incra. After an hour of learning to use it, all of my 4x8 was cut into beautiful widths all matching to become a CD bookshelf. Sides and shelves are already cut to length and tomorrow will come the Kreg-ing/assembly of the frame with shelves. This took longer than using the table saw, but much less fighting with and awkward feeding into the table saw. I am sure my next project using this awesome tool will be even faster.

Since MDF is so dusty, I do have a few complaints though. The anti splintering strip being slightly raised makes for a less than optimal measuring edge. I wish DW would make the tools with as few curves and crevaces as it makes for a big PITA when cleaning up. Lastly, the 102 is huge. Fortunately, it was packaged in something other than cardboard that can be reused as a safe haven for the track. Now, my problem is where to store this thing so it does not bend or get in harm's way.

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I love my track saw  ;D It started differently though. My motor burned up in the first 10 seconds of running. The armature came apart and ate up the brushes. I got a replacement the same day shipped 60 miles to me. The dust collection seems sufficient for me. Such a pleasure to use when edging cants or trimming wide slabs. It could use a 10" blade though  ;D

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