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Bought new DW715 Type 3 miter saw, questions


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1.  I heard that the optional laser (DW7187) only works with the Type 1 & 2, but not the Type 3.  Is this right or is there a different/revised model laser that will work?

2.  Will the LED worklight system (DWS7085) work with my saw & can with be used with the laser above, or can you just have only one attached at a time?

3.  To mount the saw on the DWX723 big long stand, do I need to buy the DW7231 mounting brackets also?

4.  I seen on the internet the DW7082 vertical clamp was maybe discontinued?  If so, is there a replacement part #?

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Well i took back the DW715 & got the $600 DWS780 + free DWX723 stand (with this saw purchase until 4/30/2013 @ Lowe's).  I liked the DW715 saw; it was lighter & smaller.  But my wife got to totaling up the 'extras' i wanted; DWX723 stand ($200) + DW7082 vertical clamp ($50) + laser/LED ($100?) + what i already paid for the DW715 saw ($250) = $600.  The 'extras' for the DW715 was already there for the DWS780.  So i would have ended up paying the exact same eventually.  Hmmmmm.......  Yeah, i think i did good.

I do appreciate & "applaud" Gatorb888 for helping though.

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