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DCD970kl questions


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Hi all !

I've purchased DCD970KL from Amazon (should receive it in a couple of days).

Before I had a compact DCD775KL for a few days which I'll be returning, since the keyless chuck constantly drops bits.

Does DCD970kl also has this problem ?

Also on DeWalt website it says DCD970KL might be type 1 or type2 model. What is the difference ?

Thanks in advance

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I have 2 DCD970 hammerdrills.  I have no problems with them.  I have drilled tons of 1/2"x6" holes in concrete with NO bit slip problems.  You can drill/drive/hammerdrill.  3 speeds.  Side handle.  I went down to my local Dewalt Service Center and got 2 Depth Rods for them.

I do prefer the lighter DCD760 drill for other basic drilling/driving- its compact without hammerdrill feature.

I dont know the difference between the Type 1 or 2.

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Steven, I must ask you what you mean with Concrete. In my book hammerdrills are not suitable for Concrete, does not matter if it is corded or a battery tool and brand on it. For brick and other soft "stone materials", yes, they do work. But for Concrete? I´ve never been able to use a hammerdrill with good results in Concrete, Always using a rotary hammer drill.

Maybee it is just a missunderstanding here because my skill in English language when it comes to building material is only basic.

However, for Concrete ( the gray material that bridges, bunkers and fundaments are usally build of ) I must recomend a rotary hammer drill.


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I use the DCD970 in 3rd gear in hammer mode with the proper bit to drill holes for fastening purposes in gray concrete (to install handrails on outside stairs or walkway leading to an entrance door, for one example).

But for bigger holes for termite spraying or mudjacking i would use a rotary hammer.

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