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Hi All

I have just purchased my first dewalt tools!

A couple of weeks ago i bought a 18v Li Ion drill (2 x 3AH batteries), then i bought a drill body. Registered both for the 3 year gaurentee.

Now i have just bought  a dewalt circular saw DCS391 which uses the same batteries, but there is no product number in the 'usual' place, i,e under the battery, are they somewhere else.

Another problem i have got is i can't undo the allen bolt for the blade! I have just put a piece of tube over the allen key and its twisted the allen key! definatley doing it the right direction, has anyone else had either of these problems?

Many thanks


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Sorry, my question wasn't clear, the problem i have got is there is no product code on the circular saw, assuming it should be in the same place as my drills, i,e where the battery is fitted.

With respect to the screw it says in the instructions to un-do the screw counter clockwise, which indicates its a right handed thread.

Have they got it wrong?

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Hello, the instruction manual to this circular saw is indeed wrong as I have had the same problem as you with the result of bending the Allen key and the deforming the screw. It occured to me that the screw was left handed but, on checking the manual, the instructions, as you say, definately say counterclockwise. Since I had already damaged the screw I ground it away to find it is left handed and have ordered another. I hope my mistake will help prevent someone else doing the same. Also, DeWalts instructions could be better.

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As a rule of Thumb... it is pretty much obvious which way a 'blade bolt' tightens or un-tightens.. It depends on which side of the saw handle the blade is. Some are on the left, and others are on the right. This then means that the bolt then tightens in the opposite direction to the blade rotation..

ie, if the blade is on the left hand side of the saw (standing from the rear and looking at direction of cut) as per the DCS391 then the blade rotates in a clockwise direction, and therefore the tightening of the blade is in a counter clockwise manner.

This means that there is always an 'opposing' force to the bolt, which means that it is constantly trying to be tightened up during normal daily use.. In simpler terms, you loosen the blade in the same direction as the teeth are pointing to cut (assuming some clown hasn't put the blade on reverse)...

If the instructions are wrong (can't check as mine are in the bin) then it would indicate that someone at Dewalt has possibly 'cribbed' a previous set of instructions for a saw with the blade on the opposite side of the saw/handle.

Hope this helps...

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