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Has anyone experienced a FAKE or COUNTERFEIT Dewalt tool? apart from batteries?


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Hi all,

I'm a UK fire-fighter and have just started using DEWALT tools.

My second purchase was a second hand SDS drill although sold as unused/new.

I'm not convinced it's actually a real DEWALT, its a D25323 hammer drill (that's the UK code for it) and I'm suspicious as I can't find a serial number on it and the id sticker has a blank space where I would expect there to be one!

Can anyone offer me any advice, it was a bargain at half the normal price...

Has anyone else come across any fake DEWALT units OTHER than batteries?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Gus

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I haven't seen any fake tools, but that does not mean that they aren't out there.  What you might have is a third party repaired tool.  When you replace the clamshell (plastic housing) on a tool, the spaces for the DeWALT decal and id badge are blank recessed spaces.  If a service center had repaired it you would see a DeWALT Product Service sticker on one side, and they would have engraved the original serial number in the tool somewhere.

Anyone can order factory parts through dewaltservicenet, so that would be my first guess regarding what you have.  I hope that it works well for you and you don't get burned on one of your first DeWALT purchases!

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