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Little bit of Elbow Grease goes a long way......


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I'm always looking for something to refinish, refurbish, recycle.......so the other day a neighbor was going to take this to the dump because it was all scratched up and had some paint in places .....I say I could put that to good use....he say take it........


well after a couple hours of sanding and a few coats of polly you would think it was brand new......my neighbor comes by and says.....Damn.........lol

sorry forgot to take a before pic but I can tell you it didn't look like this.......


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Because it is a larger than normal pedestal 10" and has the claw feet, I'm gonna build a poker table for it but with a black ash table top with 3" sides to go over top when not in use so it will look like a dining table and then a poker table when the top is off....







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great work comp - came up really nice, I have to refurbish my nightstands too, wife bought them from a antic store but they are scratched up and also some glass spots on it....like when you put your drink on a furniture and it leaves a circle on it.

can you tell me, how to refurbish that? maybe I gonna show you some pics first

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Yes that works also taking a damp cloth and ironing it will take out small dents as well....some times....

if you can remove or lighten the cup rings a light sanding with 000 steel wool and some OM Minwax oil-modified is best.....

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Wife gets the flu shot every year.......= sick every year along with a sore arm for 2-3 days......

I haven't got flu shot in about 6 years.....= haven't been sick

go figure.....but just wait when I do get sick I'm a 200lb suck!

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ya I never get the flu shot either - you really don't know what they put in it....

just eat enough veggies and fruits and you are all set.


my wife bought a slush from sonic on sunday, I just took 2 lil sips - we came home and my stomach started to cramp and it was hurting bad....ended up in the bathroom all night long.....next day still the same, just one more that I started vomiting too -  every 1h or so....

now I feel way better - I think everything is out of my body now, gonna start to eat something normal again lol

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Nice job with that. What kind of finish did you use? How many coats? Did you sand in between coats? I'm just full of question aren't I. Shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee. 

the ped started with a lot of surface scratches mainly from wear on the feet especially, so I aggressively sanded the entire base with 400gt wet gave it a coat of minwax oil modified, let dry for 20 minutes and then gave it another sanding but this time with 000 steel wool, and then another coat of clear I applied the clear with a foam brush......

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