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Battery question

Alan m

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hi there.

im considering expanding my cordless line. I have dewalt tools but am considering Makita as well.


I currently have 4  4 ah batteries. and 7 tools for them.

im going to buy the dewalt  cordless multi tool.


you can buy it here with 2 2 ah batteries and charger and accessories etc. or a bare tool .


because im expanding the no of tools im considering adding more batteries. I might not use all the power every day but it will save swapping tools.


what im wondering is what would you think is a better step forward


buy one  4ah(or 5ah) separately and the bare unit

or buy the set with the 2 2ah batteries


if I need long run time I can use one of my 4 ah s  or use one of the 2 2ah on a tool that doesn't need a higher ah battery . this would give me 6 batteries in 8 tools instead of 5.

it should reduce swopping around of batteries



what do you think



thanks alan

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Personally Alan I'd go the other way. If you've already got a slew of 4.0 batteries why not get the higher amperage 5.0 with the brushless tool? If your not using those tools regularly I would think that less batteries to rotate would be better that way I'd be cycling through my batteries ensuring usage and keeping them fresh. Your talking 8 tools with five batteries and you probably don't use that many tool and battery combos at one time? If you are keeping everything powered and using multiple tools all the time then yeah, I'd go with the set. If not, I'd add that mega battery and just go with what I got. Currently I have two (will soon be three) M12 tools with two 4.0 and one 2.0 batteries and this makes me happy because I don't use those guys every day and I want to keep my batteries fresh. I can keep the 2.0 as a back up or for lighter weight but my 4.0 are the ones I use the most. For my Dewalt 20v tools I have the DCD985 Hammer and the circular saw. I currently have one 3.0 and one 4.0. Last week I was using both tools but was still able to keep ahead of the game by charging when I was assembling.

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