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Dust Colection

Samuel L.

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So my family is moving within a year and am tossing the idea around with my dad of starting a woodworking shop in the basement of the new house because its a likely possibility that the house we move into will have an unfinished basement, and its something I would like to do and something my dad wants to do because hes getting older now and wants to pick up a viable hobby, but our planing has lead to one problem, we want a decent dust collector with at least one or two horsepower but the quietest ones available of that size are still 75-80 decibels so the question is how do you take something that loud, put it in a basement and then make it so it sounds like only a small hum upstairs.


If you have any ideas please share we are drawing a blank. 

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what kind of tools are you using.

you might get away with a small dc if you can use it beside the machine.

im a big fan of shop vacs. 90 % of my dc is through my festool ct22 on smaller tools.

only the planer  and band saw get the larger dc


Well we are looking at a table saw, planer, jointer, lathe, drill press so big stuff.

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