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  1. I have seen the 7 and 1/4" fuel circular saws come in for warranty at a rate of about 1 every 4 weeks at work and we only sell one every two or so days they are far from perfect and they all seem to have this fault.
  2. There coming to my work on a Wednesday might just have to skip school
  3. I'm still saving for one of these bad boys.
  4. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    One of my coworkers is still rocking the iPhone 1st gen and its funny because he has no case for it but it still has the original screen with no cracks.
  5. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    I'm with a realitivly new provider they have been here in Canada for 5 years there called wind Mobile. They only realy have coverage in the larger cities but they have decent 4G speeds where I live.But the advantage with them is that for 35$ a month I get unlimited talk, text and data(after I hit 5 gigabytes they slow your speed for the rest of the month). But I am enjoying it so far, and because I bought the phone directly from Google I can cancel my plan at anytime without any fees and go to any other provider I choes.
  6. Mac tools cordless stuff is probably designed by the same engineers who design all the dewalt cordless stuff.And anyone have an idea if it's 950Nm on fastening or breakaway
  7. I'm to young to stop looking awesome when I'm naked.
  8. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    The frame is made of stainless steel but I'm getting a laminated glass screen protector for the screen.
  9. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    Phone came in the mail today loving it and going to take it to the provider I chose to get it setup with a SIM card tomorrow, but I decided to get a smart watch to go with it because always having to whip out a 6 inch phone to look at notifications is a pain and smart watches have seem to advanced to a level where I find them satisfactory in function, So i ordered a LG G watch R today, chose it because it is the only smart watch that LOOKS LIKE A REAL WATCH it took them long enough for them to realize that maybe people don't want a dorky looking square strapped to there wrist, here is a picture of it.
  10. https://youtu.be/pX8BXH3SJn0?t=2m11s
  11. Yea we say it must have mushed his brains because the guy cant remember things for more than 20 seconds.
  12. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    Yea when people say 6" is to big and that in order for it to be a phone and not a tablet you have to be able to type on the keyboard with one hand, I just sigh look at them hold up my Goliath hands and explain that I can hold a 4.75" phone and easily touch all 4 corners with my thumb without moving where my hand is. I was really considering the Note 4 because they have the same specks on the internals but the dual front speakers and stock android pushed me to get the Nexus 6.
  13. As long as its cheaper then the saw stop its golden.
  14. Samuel L.

    New Phone

    So ordered a new phone last week and should be getting it any day now. How do you guys think it looks.
  15. Good luck trying to pull that off in the states with the FAA.
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