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B&D BD530 Jig Saw


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A couple of things can help:

As noted earlier - Practice. The more you make cuts, the better you will become.

Take your time - Don't rush, let the saw do the work. Sometimes slowing things down can give you a better cut.

User the right blade for the type of material you are cutting. Using the wrong blade might produce a faster cut, which will cause messed up cuts.

Set speed - Set the speed of your saw to the type of material you are cutting. This will also help produce a better cut.

Use a jig - Depending upon what type of cut you are making, you can either build a jig or buy a jig. These will help make a perfect cut.

Overall take your time and practice. I use to make horriable cuts. They would look like my kid did the cut. After a while I have started to make nice clean cuts, but it does take time.

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hello all again. I took the advice and am improving with practice but still have the usual novice questions: Am I using a proper blade? I inherited this saw from an uncle and am using his old blades and I don't know how worn they are. Also, I'm almost clueless and just guessing the 'darker' blades are for metal and the 'bright and shiny' ones are for wood? Regardless, I'll buy new blades at the store tomorrow. Web search results in alot of shopping info and where to buy the stuff but product descriptions are brief and limited. I'd appreciate a point in the right direction. Thanks to all again.

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