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Bought a new cordless item


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Used it quite a bit yesterday, for about 4 hours off and on cleaning up after myself. Was cleaning up sawdust mainly, was able to suck up anything except for nails/screws. Though I haven't had a shop vac that could pick up nails or screws yet. Overall I like it, don't know how much I like it yet. Time will tell.

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Been using it all week cleaning up after myself, I really like it. Suction seems fine for what I've been doing, sucking up sawdust, concrete debree. Only thing it won't pick up are nails or screws or objects larger than the mouth of the hose. Cleaned out my vehicle with it as well which was long overdue.

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I will say that the suction on these vacs isn't a good as a full size models. but that is not why you buy one of these. you buy it for convenience  on site where you make a small mess in a few locations.

I did a job yesterday putting up curtain poles . sds in one hand hose in the other. no dust. I went from room to room really fast because there was no cords holding me back



about 2 months ago I was working on a site but we had to stay late a few evening  in the shop section after hours

it wasn't worth going home so I ate in the van and then use the vac to clean it. I even had glass cleaner etc with me to do the windows

I got a few funny looks but I didn't car. there wasn't enough suction to properly clean the carpet but it got all the loose dirt.

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