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Bosch GLI DeciLED Professional (EU-model)


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Madman, I actually have the light....it's the FL12 here in the US. I bought it and the 12v starter kit in an l boxx. And yes....here is my next video. My torpedo heater is quite loud and over powers my voice....


nice lil work light Chris and keep the videos coming bro! Nice job!
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Thanks Mike, that heater makes a racket down there. I tried shooting a video the other day when I took my pellet stove motor / augers out to remove a bolt that had jammed in the upper assemble but....I'm 601, 215 and trying to fit behind a stove that is less than two feet from the inner corner of my living room prompted some explosive outbursts of Tourette's in the general direction of everybody, everything, the weather, my job, my current situation on my elbow in my neck, my bowel movements, my pants, grease....anyways I decided no.

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Oh and one more thing. madman made a post about this light and I have it. This light is honestly an AWESOME work light. I used it during a serious post crash inspection of a school bus lat week. The light has a great and strong carabiner base that you can fold over to put in a pockets or in your jacket, the magnet though small is incredible useful and strong and the light output (2 modes high and low) is incredible intense. I have the Syslite and love it and was going to try and get another but this one is more than enough. I actually bought into the 12v line just for this. And yesterday I got the little 12v vac for tool clean up. Worth every penny at $59 and I the starter kit with two 2.0 batteries, charger and Lboxx is $69.

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