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Anyone know where I can find AEG in America?


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Anyone familiar with AEG tools in the USA? I recently moved to Philippines and had to surrender all my stuff in the move. I was forced to rebuy literally EVERYTHING once I got here.... there are 3-4 basic brands here ( all high end ) DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and another I'd never heard of AEG.... I picked up a jig saw and miter saw and I must say i'm mightily impressed with both units.


From what I understand they are GERMAN Made. Just wondered if anyone else has had a positive experience with this brand. I'm considering more!


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I haven't used AEG but they are a TTI brand like Ridgid. AEG is not available here in the USA for whatever reason. At least not through regular roots anyways. From what I have seen AEG has a larger tool base than Ridgid does in the USA. Also, the lifetime service agreement isn't offered for their tools. If I had to guess because of availability and popularity in EU and elsewhere.


Id also add I love AEG just because of their commercials. Honestly laughed my butt off when I saw this one and their impact driver commercial.. I saw these a few years ago and they still crack me up. The guy in the commercial is a pro arm wrestler and has a medical condition that makes him have the obvious deformity you'll see......

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AEG does offer brushless tools though. I know it's coming from Ridgid but the AEG line has had them for some time. Two months ago Home Depit had a special on a Ridgid drill and it was the exact same basic 18v AEG tool. The motor housing was rounded and it looked "different" from most Ridgid tools, almost like a Ryobi in Orange.

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Just started testing out the AEG myself, they sell exclusive to Bunnings (like Lowes or Home Depot) here in Australia. So far I am impressed, I am told that they are affiliated with Milwaukee in some way?

I have been using there Multi Function Tool with interchangeable head, and it's awesome! I will be throwing up a video of it in action in a few weeks time, so keep an eye out.f978fa8f3f28d6008f013bd8c3ff9fde.jpg

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