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Kobalt Tools (Brad Nailer, Miter Saw, Air Compressor)

Maxwell Tyler Ray

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I have 3 Kobalt tools i use pretty regularly and kobalt being Lowes low budget tools i figured i write up a little review on them!!




Manufacture Specs & Price

-oil free electric

-3 gallon


-155 max PSI





This compressor is a little work horse. It can keep up with most air tools i run on it (Framing, floor, & brad nailer, impact gun ect.) It is a 120 volt plug in and has an easy to adjust regulator. Also easy to read gauges and soft grip handle in a well position place for ease of carry!


It produces a bit more noise than that of other compressors. The only tool that the compressor couldn't keep up with is hooper fed popcorn sprayer




It has a solid steel frame skeleton that protects the gauges, knob, fitting, and motor from getting damaged. As well as the thick rubber feet prevent the machine from causing unwanted damage to the surface its sitting on.


Putting this compressor through its paces for the last year and half using it several hours every week with not one problem i have yet to find one "con" it ins durability.



For the price this compressor is a great investment for any homeowner or DIYer. It has even proven tobe reliable in a professional general contracting setting but is limited to 1 tool at a time and struggles to keep up with high velocity-high CFM tools.







Manufacture Specs & Price

-10in. Blade

-Single Bevel

-up to 50 degree miter

-lazer line of cut


-4800 RPM





This saw makes strong and powerful cuts at a precise and consistant rate. The slide is smoooth and consistant aswell. The miter and bevel adjustments are of an easy action and easy to read markings. Its size and relatively lightweight give this saw an ease of transport and carry. Also an on board tool makes blade changes easy aswell. The saw also has dust collection that keeps dust to a minimum


The saw needed tobe adjusted out of the box to make square and proper cuts, aswell as the lazer needed adjustment to line up properly.(after initial adjustments the saw has stayed true)




Strong and solid build give this saw a rugged feel while still produceing precise cuts.


The front and rear handle, motor case, cord wrap are made of soft plastic that seems to scratch/gouge easily. The bag for the dust collection had a rip in it about 2 weeks after 1st use.



The saw will need tobe adjusted out of the box but stays true after it is squared in. Also offer alot of features for the money and allows for plenty of different types of cuts through several types of material.

(Dont currently have any actual pics of mine to upload)






Manufacture Specs & Price

-18-gauge 5/8in.-2 1/8in.

-oil free

-depth adjustment

-bump or trigger fire switch





Not enough pros to even write about.


The gun jams after every 5 nails. The gun wont even shoot a nail after half the nail sleeve is through. The safety push tip is hard to depress sometimes leaving a mark on material.




The gun feels good in the hand with rubber over mold


The rubber overmold started to peel from gun after 1 days use



This gun is over priced for the poor performance it has given. I took back the first one after it jamed so much and the second one acted the same way. The gun could be suitable for a small DIYer if the price point was better. The gun has no place being in a setting where consistancy is needed.









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