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Happy To Be Part Of The Crew!


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Good Day Crew!


I want to start off by saying a big thank you to all that sent their well wishes and prayers, to me and my family.  August really sucked, it was one bummer situation after another, and  it really tested me and my always positive outlook I have on life.  


That night on periscope when Dan was carving the TIA sign, and he offered it to someone from the crew, and everyone said to send it to me, that really warmed my heart. Although it was accidentally mailed to another member of the crew, Mondo, I want to thank Mondo for being so kind, and joking around in his forum post with me.


Please understand, that Dan and Eric where really bummed about the mistake. I replied to thier E-mail basically saying "No worries, I am grateful for the offer of a custom TIA sign". 


Why am I writing all of this?  Well, I just want to point out how genuine and honest Dan and Eric are, and has you can see from the picture below, they are men of their word.




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I'm Happy to hear everything is looking better wig wag this crew is a awesome crew to be apart of, Dan and Eric are really some regular tool junkies like us who really care about there crew they've created a great place for us tool junkies to come and talk tools and just talk life and other manly things ;) That's an awesome sign for a awesome dude!! Congrats my friend and I will continue to send my prayers your way bro.

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