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Milwaukee Inkzall Marker (4pk)


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                                                               (Check Files attached for pictures to see what i'm talking about throughout the review)

To start off im going to go over the features and "claims" from Milwaukee about what this tool can do over a plain old marker

  • Clog Resistant Marker Tip
  • Writes through Dusty, Wet and Oily Surfaces
  • Durable Marker Tip for Writing on Concrete, OSB and Rough Surfaces

​ For this Review I will be testing this marker on a sheet of metal. As you can see in the 2nd picture it is very dusty! In the 2nd picture i marked off a section with the inkzall where its perfectly clean (so it should work just like any other brand of marker). In the 3rd picture you can see a section where it is dusty and the marker went right through the dust and put a nice clean mark on the metal.

    Now in the 4th picture I used a Gun oil and wiped it down but left a little bit. (didn't mark it when there was a puddle of oil) As you can see with a small amount left it will still mark the metal.

         As for the 5th Picture i used 15W40 Diesel engine oil and what you see is a puddle that the Milwaukee Inkzall penetrated through!!!! and in the 6th picture i wiped it down til there was a little bit of diesel oil left and they all marked it perfectly.


  • Well Built
  • Will penetrate through the toughest oils
  • Has a spot to hang from a lanyard
  • You can clip it to your hard hat
  • Colors are Very Bright and easy to see
  • Will not roll away on you while you are busy working
  • Works Great on metal


  • I Would have liked to have seen a white colored marker
  • All of the 4 colors don't show up well on darker colored metals and painted surfaces

      Pricing and where to buy:

Home Depot 4.69 http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-Inkzall-Fine-Point-Multi-Colored-Markers-4-Pack-48-22-3106/205430399


Tool Barn 4.65 http://www.toolbarn.com/milwaukee-48-22-3113.html?psrid=100522062


CPO 9.99 http://www.cpomilwaukee.com/milwaukee-48-22-3106-inkzall-fine-point-colored-jobsite-marker-set-4-


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So I've had mixed feelings on the inkzall, the skinny ones seem to work better in wet conditions than the fatter version. I purchased these for use at my job where I am a butcher so naturally I had to test them out using them on bloody cardboard, beef blood that is. Needless to say it didn't write but I have noticed that it writes rather well on dusty lumber.


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