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chain mortiser


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Hi all just joined and am trying to find out about the Ryobi cm40  or the Milwaukee cm 100 both the same chain mortiser. Has any one got one or used one before 

as I am looking to buy one and would like to know a bit about it as I can only get one in Europe  and I am in the uk so no chance of seeing one before I buy. 

I saw a video on u-tube and it look very good and straight forward to use with out all the handles like the Makita mortiser.

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All those handles have a good function you know ;) its those handles that make it a good ( and safer ! ) chain mortiser.

The handles enable you to clamp down the tool on the Wood and from that same clamped down position make a hole anywhere from 16 by 45mm up to 30 by 130mm without having tot move the tool. ( or wider if you get a bigger chain on it from the beginning of course )

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I do not have it. I have sold about 9 units in the last 3 years to carpenters :)

I rate it very highly. Its a tool that saves you ALOT of time and will earn back its money quickly. Everyone who has bought one from me has been very happy. This is ofcourse true for every chain mortiser and not just makitas model.

And about the safety thing you said: a good operator is the best safety of course. But extra safety features are there on tools for accidents of course. Accidents unfortunatly happen to everyone because they are unexpected of course.

There is really only a 10 minuten learning curve to 'all' those handles on the chain mortiser

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Cheers for reply.

I have used the Mafell and its a most excellent bit of kit but the cost is very high.

So I am looking for anyone who has used or got a chain mortiser, any make and there verdict on it performance so I can build up a picture of what to stay awayfrom and what should I be looking at.


1 Cost (value for the money you paid and would you buy it again if it had a complete meltdown)

2 Reliability

3 Cost of spare parts (AK the chain as that will be the most single cost)

4 Bad points about it

5 Marks out of 10

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I dont know if chain mortisers are used more in the USA ? Here in belgium its pretty much a specialty item. We dont build houses in Wood.

Ive personally only seen the Festool and the Makita and for belgium prices the Makita wins because the Festool is waaaay tool expensive.

Would really like to try the mafell !!!

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