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Chimney troubles, installing new wall oven.... Yeah they are related...


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In one of many projects in my 100y/o Victorian I'm replacing a double wall oven from the 60's:


It's actually in amazingly good shape, I think the bottom oven was never used and everything works on it. There looks like there used to be a giant kitchen hearth and they bricked the opening up and made it work for the wall oven half a century ago so I figured I might use the spot for a modern wall oven/microwave combo and save space elsewhere in the kitchen. Well I'm supposed to get the new oven this week and pulled out the old oven:


Surprise surprise they never bothered to close the flues off!!! The house looks like it has two main flues, one combining a fireplace that backs to the one shown in the kitchen and I can see up inside that that one joins up right above this opening and goes straight up to the roof where you can see all the way up to what looks like some kind of metal cap:


There is another one in the back :


You can see the terra cotta flue that comes from the furnaces in the basement on the back right behind the junction box:


I can feel air, see cobwebs billowing and even hear the outside up in the hole so there is air flow so I'm wondering if I should just stuff it all up with rock wool in bags to seal them up or what? Also I'm mildly concerned about carbon monoxide infiltration, enough that I ran over to HD to get a new Kiddie CO detector, which is still on zero thank god. I guess maybe I'm over reacting because the old oven was there for 50 years and no one had issues and it wasn't even tightly sealed to the opening.

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Just an update: after building a plastic "clean room" around the area I broke out my fuel grinder and diamond cutting wheel and widened the opening a bit and didn't make too bad a mess throughout the place in the process with that insidious brick dust. My grinder looks like it's a terra cotta reproduction of a fuel grinder though lol. Can't believe how thick the brick dust was. The oven is a little more proud than I'd like so I have to build a finished frame around it to clean up appearances but having a twin convection oven (microwave on top to boot) saves so much space elsewhere it is worth it. That and the fact that they originally ran 220v 40amp service for the old dual wall oven just made sense to keep the oven there. They ran what looks like 8ga copper, each of the three conductor wires is thicker than a pencil...

This new sucker is rated at 7.8 kW with convection on both ovens and microwave etc. All in I'm happy and it's a fantastic looking oven with nice controls. It's a heavy sucker too, I had to removed the 40lb lower door and build a platform in increments to get it up the 20 inches for the opening. It must be close to 200lbs complete. I grabbed it on sale last month for nearly $1k off. Great deal for a great oven... Well two ovens...

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Nice work Jerry, how many batteries you use in that Fuel grinder?


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I used only 2 leds on a 5Ah battery.  The diamond wheel I used goes through brick and stone ridiculously easy, much easier than a good metal wheel cuts through steel. You can cut an inch deep groove down the length of a brick in about 5 seconds flat. All I did was clean up and widen it about 1/2" on the right side. The older oven was a 27" as well but it looks way smaller internal volume and was maybe 1/2" narrower in the rear box part.

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Looking good Jerry, I like that kitchen Aid unit. Nice oven.

Yeah it seems really well built with some nice details. The microwave is stainless inside, so it's a nicer look than many plasticy ones: and being a combo with the oven it's way deeper than many standalone ones I think:


The inside of the oven is a nice blue porcelain finish which looks cool with heavy racks with cutouts for hand holds so it should be easy to pull with a oven mit on:


The oven door must weigh 40lbs alone and I almost dropped it when taking it off to install the oven to lighten it, probably all the glass adds weight because the window takes up almost all the door for a good view inside. The handles seem really heavy with cool red anodized medallions on the sides, you can buy silver or black replacements if you want. The handle bars have a knurled finish on them too which is a nice touch.


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