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Feedback on the Rikon 400 CFM air cleaner unit


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Hello all.


I've been considering getting an air cleaner unit for my shop.  I have a Supermax 1938 drum sander and according to the specs, I should have at least 600 CFM of dust collection.  I know that my shop vac / dust deputy setup just doesn't reach that spec.  It gets the majority of the the dust, but after a few hours, I notice a lot of dust that settles out on my black tool box.  


My future dust collection solution is to buy one of the 2HP cyclone dust collection units like the Jet JCDC-2 




Or the Laguna model.


I also want to get a good air cleaner to help with my dust issue now.  There appears to be two different levels of air cleaners.  Up to 400 cfm and 1,000+ cfm.  The larger is about twice the price.


Rikon tools are on sale 15% off right now on Woodcraft until Sunday and I am seriously considering getting a Rikon model 62-400




If anyone has an experience with this Rikon unit, I would love to hear what you have to say about it.


My shop is approximately 25' by 25'.  This unit should be able to turn the air over about 6 times an hour.


Thanks for any feedback.


Later Crew.



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Why not build yourself a downdraft sanding table? Something along the lines of this one; http://www.barbomachinery.com/catablog-items/denray-28-x-48-down-draft-sanding-table/

I do have one in the works for palm and hand sanding, however I have 3 other sanders that the dust collection is not ideal using just a shop vac. 

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I did build myself a very good downdraft table out of a furnace blower.  I would like to set up the air cleaner so that I don't have to pull out the down draft table everytime I work and take up floor space.  I'll take some pictures of the downdraft table this weekend and post them.  It is really cool.

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I just got a WEN air filter and so far it's been working great only thing is you need to buy a better filter because the one it comes with sucks I bought mine for $159.98

I was looking at the WEN as well, but to be honest, I'm not sure about their brand.  Everything that I see is priced soooo cheap and it makes me wonder.  I know the RIKON name.  I do realize that a lot of the tools look the same because they come out of the same factories.  The only thing that differentiates them is how a company requires them to be made.  So, even though they may come from the same factory, the motor (for instance) could be the only different item on the air cleaner.  Since I can't compare them side by side, I will pay just a little more for the Rikon.


I did see that the WEN got good reviews on Amazon.  They are also back ordered 3 to 6 months.  That pretty much put them out of the running.

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