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Milwaukee 10 times motor life REALLY???????


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As Milwaukee are now boasting 10 times motor life on the new Brush-less fuel range, does that now mean they will go from a 5 year warranty to a 50 year warranty???? LOL :)

A brushed motor can be re brushed in your lunch time and cost buttons.If your Brush-less motor goes down you will need a new motor and it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

Be honest folks it isn't ten times motor life it's ten times till your brushed needs a few quid a set of brushes and a bit of a service.

I am sure the fuel is a fantastic drill but be honest about it folks I have a brushed drill that is 25 years old and still has the same brushes how long do you want a bloomin brushed drill to last?LOL :rolleyes:

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I would hardly call worn brushes an end of motors life, more like routine maintenance.

Most of the failures I have had with cordless tools have not been the motor. Switches are a sore spot with me. both trigger, speed range, and reversing have all given me grief at one time or another. The newer drills seem to work a lot better as far as the reverser goes. I suspect the speed range selector on my LXT drill will eventually fail as it has never really shifted well from new. I have also had bearing failures, gear failures, and chucks that jammed. Most of my motor failures have happened to corded tools with either the armatures ending up open circuit or the field melting down, and very rarely having the commutator wear down to the point the tool no longer functions.

I should probably look into if a motor fails on these new can less motors, will we be able to purchase new motor components or are we going to have to purchase the whole motor as a unit. It could end up cheaper if we can just purchase the components we need, although I have a feeling the components may cost more than the older can motors themselves.

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I have been assured that some manufacturers have tested the motors on brush-less drills for over 400,000 holes drilled and still drilling.

This is a fantastic amount, and am sure our readers will keep us up to date on how the drills they purchase hold up over the coming years. :)

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A brush-less motor is normally a sealed unit bud. :(

Most new drills are coming with can less motors, and just as I suspected you can buy components for them. The newer drills I have checked have both the field and the armature available as SEPARATE pieces rather than having the whole motor as an assembly. I can't find any parts for sale for these new brushless tools yet, but I suspect the brushless will follow along the same lines.

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