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Colored Spartan Head X-Carve Project


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I had a request recently to cut out a Michigan State Spartan item to go along with the Michigan cutting board I did for someone.  Because of the Spartan head logo, I can't cut it out like I did with the Michigan outline because the parts aren't all connected.  I decided have the head stand proud as a full board instead of a cutout.  Because I was afraid the image would get a little lost in the board that was all the same color, I came up with the idea to stain the board first and then cut out the background leaving the Spartan head stained.


About 10 years ago, I had found out that you can get stain colored at Home Depot and this is just what I needed to do to keep with the school colors.


Here is a picture of the piece of wood I started with.




Here is the pictures of the colored stain and what the board looked like after the first coat of stain.




Here is a shot of the computer screen during the carving process.




I got pretty excited about how the image was turning out, so I took a picture after it was only 24% complete.  




I'll share some more pictures as it gets closer to being finished.  Since the stain is water based and not the usual oil based stain that I usually use, I need to tinker with the finish that I am going to use.   I am teetering between wipe on poly or polyacrylic.

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3 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

Nice! What's the difference between the two finishes and what do you like using?

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Polyeurothane is oil based I believe and the polycrylic is water based which works better with the water based stain.  It also leaves more of a milky finish than the glassy look of polyeurothane.


Note to anyone.....please correct me if I am wrong.  

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