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Ryobi (RY254BC) Brush Cutter/Expand-It won't start.


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Hi All,


Just signed up & introduced myself.


Have a new Ryobi Brush Cutter I purchased online to clear areas around my business.


Worked liked a charm for a bit, but died out towards the end. Now, it won't start. Thought it might've gotten flooded, so I gave it a rest (I needed the rest, too, lol). A couple of days later, tried to start. Nothing. Thinking now it might be electrical.


If it's something simple, I don't mind doing it myself. If not, guess I'll have to call Ryobi.


Btw, when I got my Ryobi, it was missing a gas cap, and Ryobi was great about sending me a replacement.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


Jose A.

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If it is a new tool, then contacting Ryobi would probably be your best bet. This is just one of those issues that would require being able to physically see to tool itself to attempt to diagnose the problem.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the replies.


Ran it for a few hours (off & on). It's a 2-cycle. I'll check the plug. Had already checked out the line & air, so have a feeling it's electrical. Will reach out to Ryobi tomorrow morning if I can't figure it by then.


In the meantime, I just went to Lowe's and bought a True Temper Weed Cutter Grass Whip for $16.98, so I can finish this job today. Not much left to clear. If I wasn't such a lazy so-and-so, I would've just bought this in the first place. I can use the exercise, lol.


Thanks again, everyone. I'll report back once I get this cutter back up and running.



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5 minutes ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

This instructional video is for a Honda mower. However, there is a segment in it where I demonstrate how to test for spark, which applies to 2-cycle engines as well. Hope it helps!





I'll have to check this out tomorrow. Sounds like theres a lot of good info in there!

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It seems we have a winner. Replaced spark plug. Started on the first pull. Of course, I'd already finished the job with my grass whip, but at least, now I have two options for next time (which I'll be trying to avoiding). Now, if I can only figure out how to install my beer holder on my brush cutter, lol.


Thank you, PROTOOLNUT. Very grateful, sir.


Thanks, everyone, for your support. Have a great weekend.

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