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Other than various types of glue and liquid nails, A can of 3M 77 is as far as my adhesive needs ever go.

There are many kinds of glue. It is wise to know which one works best where, CA, PVA, RTV, casein, contact cement, hide, nitrocellulose, resorcinol, etc. There are the many different kinds of epoxy as well. Caulk is an adhesive, so is gasket cement. There are various additives that are added to mortar to alter its cohesive and adhesion properties. PL construction adhesive blows Liquid Nails out of the water when it comes to construction adhesives. 3M has more than one kind of spray adhesive, from spray tack all the way to their 90 super adhesive. You don't know what your missing if you've never used gorilla snot, 3Ms weatherstrip adhesive. Then there are specialty products like Slime that you could put in your tires to stave off flats. There are many different formulations of adhesives available on tape as well, just compare gaffers tape to duct tape, and then there is wallpaper adhesives and even adhesives holding your envelopes closed. There are the anaerobic adhesives like Loctite. And for an added bonus if you know about your glues you will know what their solvents are so you can clean up any messes that happen and sometimes even disassemble things that have been glued.

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