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  1. Best corded miter saw

    Lofty goals, buddy!
  2. Best corded miter saw

    Probably not going to assemble and finish (stain) my harebrained projects though. LOL
  3. Best corded miter saw

    Holy schneikes! Those things better finish projects themselves!
  4. For those running the Surge impact?

    No sweat, you mentioned Gen1 and Gen2 and figured you were talking about the normal impact driver.
  5. AvE does the Makita DTD154z

    I'm looking at picking up an 18v impact driver. Looking at this Makita or an M18 Surge. Im dubious whether (for my limited uses) the Green one is worth the extra dinero over the Red one... It is a sweet tool, though...
  6. For those running the Surge impact?

    So I read somewhere about one of the other fluid impacts not really being good for building a deck. Would those who have one would you consider the M18 appropriate for deck building?
  7. Combination square comparison

    Man, I was hoping this thread would take off! I could totally nerd out on squares...
  8. Best corded miter saw

    My use for a miter will be to just set it up in a shop and probably never move it, so the weight of the Bosch won't be a problem, so that's probably the way I'd go. Barring a lottery win, then I'll become a bigger Festool snob than ChrisK. LOL
  9. Late to the party. I was a day late (and, of course, several dollars short) for the Delve speed square. I'm gonna pass on the MFT fastening set. We'll see what's next...
  10. Oscillating tools

    If you're like me it's not your memory, it's your selective listening. LOL
  11. Table Top Band Saws

    That surprises me that the Metabo would perform so poorly...
  12. Worst Milwaukee Tool

    I haven't used mine enough to say.
  13. Worst Milwaukee Tool

    I wouldn't say it sucks, but I bought a 3amp random orbit sander, and it doesn't really compare to the Bosch ROS20 I had stolen by my GF's loser kid. Vibrates more, less controllable, dust extraction isn't as good and the title box fills up fast. It soes remove material pretty well. It's not that it is useless, but i got the M12 right angle drill on an HD promo, but I don't really have a use for it.
  14. Favorite NPS17 Announcement?

    Pretty boring answer, but the M12 Fuel drill is the only thing I looked at and said, "hmm, I might need." Thought I suspect I'll end up with a ratchet or two.