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  1. Ryobi partially bought out.

    Same deal as Ridgid. The guys who make the good pipe wrenches own the brand, but they aren't the ones who make the home Depot Power tools. TTi does by paying them for a license to use the trademark and slap it on tti tools in home Depot.
  2. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Yeah it's always around the same time each year. Nps is first of May and DeWalt is end of June
  3. TD171D

    Well I mean if you consider 2 many years ago. I've owned an 887. Not noticeably better than the td170 was in actual use. All the flagship impacts are basically the same.
  4. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    Yeah that's one of the main appeals for me. DeWalt has only one size really. Any of the "compact" tools DeWalt has like their sawzall are junk. I am tempted by Bosch and Metabo but they don't have high torque wrenches which is a must for me. Makita seems to be killin it.
  5. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    That is also very true.
  6. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    Neat. Considering going the Makita route for tools this time.
  7. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    What would you figure realistic repetitive use capacity is for that little rotohammer? Like 3/8 or just smaller tapcons?
  8. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Yeah I just got the corded one because it was free with a $150 roto hammer so it was a no brainer. If you already have a cordless grinder I don't know that I would get one because it's not all that often that one saves your bacon. If you don't have a cordless grinder I'd probably buy the flathead because it's not a huge impediment in regular grinding. As for your original question though, I have yet to hear anything rumors along those lines. NPS2018 isn't too far away though. They did have a cordless die grinder so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if they just slapped a different gearbox onto their grinder and released a flat head. Best case scenario for Milwaukee guys is that at nps they release a needed upgrade to the fuel grinder and a flat head variant of it. Despite my preferences, the M18 is by far the most common grinder on job sites. The only cordless Metabo I ever saw was the one I used to have. Still the best grinder. Not worth a different battery system though. The M18 will do everything the Metabo can, it just is a little slower and a little less smooth. You don't want to fall down the Metabo rabbit hole. It gets expensive in a hurry, but they're so nice you can't stop yourself.
  9. Still haven't had a cordless tool last more than a year without getting stolen 😂. Except my grease gun. Had that for three years now. Tweakers must not want to get their clothes dirty.
  10. I'm sure it's just not still under warranty if it's serviced by the user, but it is unlikely that the coin cell dies before the warranty is out. Your desktop computer has a coin cell in it to preserve certain memory states while unplugged, yet you don't see those going out left and right. You'll be fine until warranty is up and then they're will be dozens of YouTube videos on how to replace it yourself.
  11. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Have a Metabo flat head corded. They really are that nice of a format. Not sure I would be able to justify a cordless one, but pretty neat either way.
  12. TD171D

    No reason for it to be limited to light to medium use. My td170 would outperform any other impact driver and it had 1500 inlbs. Granted that was when the competition was the 885 and the second gen fuel.
  13. The stuff we throw away at work...

    Yeah variable speed is the best. My holdup to getting an ir is that it's not a whole battery system. For a tire shop or somewhere that exclusively runs impacts it'd be the way to go though.
  14. The stuff we throw away at work...

    Ah gotcha. I just misread that. Looks nice. They let you take home things that are thrown out like that?
  15. TD171D

    Can't hardly get any shorter without making the trigger shallower