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  1. The 3 in 1 jacket has the heated vest with pocket zones and the outer shell is detachable, so you could wear it under another coat. http://www.milwaukeetool.com/power-tools/cordless/2386
  2. I've been considering a dual fuel gas heater for my garage. Something like this: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200395468_200395468
  3. Enjoy Nick. And good luck.
  4. Those poor girls. They'd look so much better if they just took that blue and black off.
  5. The ultimate fanboy right there. What a trollol. This kids ego is so big, I'm surprised big empty head fit into his daddys truck. "I know everything about the trades." I guess I'm a pro too, since basic carpentry knowledge is all that is required. Just because someone is first to market with a product or innovation doesn't mean they're the best. Makita denied problems with their batteries and faulty overload protection. Instead they blamed users for abusing tools before fixing the issues. Which pisses me off and turned me off to their cordless lineup. His excuses for the plastic chuck and battery status gauge is moronic at best. Everyone bloats their tool count with lights and radios and shit.
  6. Looks like a sailors hitch.
  7. Man that sucks. Glad to see all's well.
  8. Great review. A lot better runtime than I was expecting.
  9. It's like a super sized electric carving knife.
  10. Just another example of how awesome TIA is.
  11. RedSionnach

    I'm back.

    Well, I'm back. Between cell towers and fiber-optic lines burning up, blowing down, or being dug up, communications have been pretty spotty. It's been a crazy summer for sure. We've had the hottest, driest summer folks around here can remember. Temps hovering at 100+ since mid June and very low humidity and precip, had fire season off to a roaring start a month earlier than usual. Luckily there haven't been any deaths directly attributable to the fires, and very few injuries. There area few observances I would like to share with you. First. Some people (a couple of my friends included) are indecisive, materialistic fools, and completely unprepared for an emergency. When you have assembled a group and two trucks to save your animals and most precious belongings, and law enforcement tells you, "You have 15 minutes to get your shit." this is not a fucking moving party where we will get all your garbage out. We aren't going to pack all your food and dishes. When the firefighters are falling back, I don't give two shits about your 9th grade spelling bee trophy, great aunties china hutch, three flat screens, or your sex toy collection. Yes, I'm an asshole! I came to get your three cats, two dogs, your stinking ferrets, clothes, and as many photos and important papers as possible. Anything else is a bonus and you should be grateful, some hadn't time to get anything. Second. I was surprised at how few people have cash. So many rely solely on debit and credit cards. I'm not concerned with TSHTF scenarios, and don't consider myself to be a prepper, but I do have a few small emergency stashes of cash in and out of my house. A fact that my girlfriend was astounded to find out. She called in a panic because cards weren't working anywhere in town, so I had to divulge the locations of a couple stashes. Not all, our definitions of emergency differ too much for that. Third. Looters and profiteers should have their hands cut off. If you are going to steal from people that lost almost everything you are the lowest form of life on this planet. Finally. Three weeks ago, while on my lunch break, an elderly woman from one of the local retirement homes was sitting with us smoking and talking about the fires while she waited for the transport bus. One of the brush trucks pulled up and 4 firefighters got out. On their way into the store she called them over. They had obviously just gotten off the line. They were dirty and tired, and had the look that they weren't really in the mood to answer questions about the fire, but they would quickly humor this woman and be on their way. As they approached she stood up and started rummaging in her grocery sack. She turned and started handing them something saying, "I would like to thank you gentlemen for helping our community. I don't have much, but, would you do me the honor of having an ice cream with me?" All they could manage was "Thank you." as tears streaked through the soot. There wasn't a dry eye at the table either. They sat and talked with her for a couple of minutes, and escorted her to her bus. I guess sometimes it takes a little old lady to remind us it doesn't take a lot to show your gratitude.
  12. Thank you DR. It's amazing how fast things are changing. One minute it pack your shit and get ready to run, the next, stand down. The winds have changed directions so we have been downgraded to a level 0. Hopefully it helps with the men on the lines. The one silver lining is there have been no major injuries or fatalities. It's odd, sometimes I wish I were still red carded, but it's really nice being home, not on the line or at fire camp.
  13. I don't know if any of you have seen anything about the Carlton Complex wildfire that is burning up Washington right now, but it's insane. I live in a small town called Omak, just north of where the fires are burning. I've never seen it as bad as it is. Wildfires are kind of a normal thing around here, never this bad though. The air is thick with smoke and ash. Many friends and coworkers have lost everything in seconds. I have a couple of friends on one of the fire crews that barely made it out of the way when the fire jumped 100 yards right at them. Right now we are at level 2 evacuation. Phones are sketchy, and power is fluctuating so I'm not sure if this is going to post or not. It may be a while before I'm back, so stay safe.
  14. Great job Alyssa! Having two girls of my own I have to say girls seem to be much more competitive than boys.
  15. Actually I didn't even notice your teeth. My only suggestion, aside frome the shades, would be an external microphone. The camera buzz kinda gets annoying trying to hear what you're saying.
  16. After reading through the whole pdf I'd have to say this is a lot of hype and conjecture over kit boxes. No where does it say that Milwaukee is releasing a storage solution type box. These kits with the Dyna cases are due out in the UK this fall. Will they make it stateside soon if ever? Who knows. They sure do have a lot of nice promotions for their UK users though. Will Milwaukee NA do the same here?
  17. Well they aren't actually Milwaukee boxes, they're Dyna cases. Only a few of them have the Milwaukee name and logo licensing.
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