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  1. Go with the 3amp, you will love it.
  2. Very cool with the wheels. Not too excited about the Toughsystem (5) day ice retention unless DeWalt considers cold water 💦 ice? Hope this one ☝️ lives up to its claims.
  3. 77Ford

    DeWalt 20v Mower

    Nice to know. Sweet setup
  4. 77Ford

    DS100 vs Ds150

    The DS150 and DS100 bins are not compatible.
  5. I was able t buy a 9.0 Battery and fast charger for $159...... this deal does seem interesting but knowing most retail employees.....I will need some sort of document or flyer that spells out the deal that they can then give to their supervisor and then I can then explain it to him prior to him calling corporate before he understands the promo
  6. See receipt 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Great 👍 pick up. Awesome tool storage 😊
  8. Just enjoy 😉......That’s like asking if beer taste good. When I am charging a battery on DeWalt’s Flexvolt Charger it is like a little bit of heaven 👍👊😉🤤👏
  9. More smaller organization for the inside. A handle on All the totes. A retro fit handle for the current totes. DeWalt tags to label the toughsystem. A special bracket to mount the radio on the back side of of the carrier.
  10. I pick one ☝️ and love it 😊
  11. Great tool..... just received one to review. Very well built in my opinion. Interested in your thoughts after you use it 👊
  12. I own the DeWalt and Milwaulkee.......The Milwaulkee fits better and the m12 batteries are not as bulky. The DeWalt appears warmer but bulky. You can not go wrong with either 👍
  13. Rocket light drops to $123 after promo. Check store stock some still have the free 5.0 battery and charger. Same Sku...picked up one this week
  14. And I thought my tool buying was all most complete 😉😂😂😂😂
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