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  1. Hahaha...I was thinking it might be useful as a make shift shower.
  2. Man, with this transfer pump, a jobsite radio, some rocket lights and a tent. You'd be camping in style.
  3. @Theultimatehic Wish I could spend a day at your shop or just a day to hang out with you and talk about signs and stuff. I have what looks to be the same CNC as yourself. Is the the Gerber Sabre 408? It's a real workhorse at our shop. I just saw the Accubend Ace in the recent issue of Sign Builders mag.
  4. Man, I'm simply amazed at these old catalogs. It looks as though someone or a team of artists had to draw every tool and bit in the book with great attention to detail. Thanks for sharing comp
  5. I've had two Delta Unisaws, both bought used. Sold the first one to a friend and the other one is still running strong and a great workhorse of a saw. Your right, these can be found on craigslist or in local ads for around $400.
  6. Thumbs up for the both the Rigid and the Delta. Of course, you could hit up craigslist and find a good deal as well. If your planing on making cabinetry, I would stay away from the contractor saws that are small and portable. Don't get me wrong, those saws are great and you can make cabinetry with them but I've found that the tolerances are not up to speed with the hybrid or cabinet saws. I have a Bosch 4100 D contractor saw that I absolutely love, but the table on the saw is not flat, it's ever so slightly off. I like to have flat and square surfaces to register off of, very helpful when making precise jigs and such.
  7. That's a sweet looking chair man! I can already picture myself sitting down in my yard, grill going, football game and beer going as well.
  8. Wow that's a fantastic set of Milwaukee, thanks for sharing.
  9. Welcome to the crew! I'm a fellow Milwaukee Junkie
  10. Born and raised in Hawaii although I lived in San Diego from ages 2 - 5
  11. We do mostly Architectural Signage. Building ID's, Monuments, Rooms Numbers, etc. Pretty much exclusive to Hosptials, Hotels and Business' here in Hawaii.
  12. @Theultimatehic That's sweet man! I work for a commercial sign company as well! Been working here for over 17 years, gosh it's been too long. Nice to have another sign guy in the forum.
  13. @Conductor562 Please take a look at this layout I made. It's a PDF so not sure if it will go through. The size 1" x 4" did not scale up perfectly so there are a few versions I made. Let me know if any changes need to be made and I'll go ahead and make the change. Don't worry about paying me, your presence in the forum is payment enough. Jet.pdf
  14. @Conductor562 Yes! My hand is raised! I'll do that for you man. No worries, I'll send it along with the stickers you won in the giveaway. It won't be til next week however as I had to stay home from work to watch my son. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  15. Got this Husky worktable too. I think Keter made it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  16. Picked up some Ryobi tools. I got the Drill with 2 batteries and a charger for $99 came with a free multi tool. The inflator was $19. And it all fits in one bag Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  17. Yes, the Milwaukee are very expensive homes? You only use a service tool at work? Are you a robot? Does not compute
  18. Hey Crew, I'm debating as to which one I should get. I really like the compact size and weight of the DeWalt 20v, problem is that I don't have any DeWalt 20v tools (I've given them to my brother after going red) I already of a butt load of Milwaukee Fuel tools and batteries, so that's a plus in the Milwaukee direction. How much bigger is the Milwaukee compared to the DeWalt? If the size is kinda close, I think I'll stick with Milwaukee. I prefer the DeWalt for what I will be using it for (mainly cutting 2x4 and some trim work) I haven't went down the Miter Saw aisle at my HD in a while. Do they have the M18 Fuel Miter over there?
  19. Congrats on the DeWalt Table Saw. It might be a good idea to find someone that you know to help you with the operation of a table saw. They can give you tips and hints that will go a long way. But of course, I'm sure there are tons of YouTube vids to watch as well. Tips and Mistakes I've made: 1. Don't cut foam on a table saw. The first thing I ever cut on a table saw was a piece of Styrofoam, it was also the very first time I experienced kick-back. Styrofoam tends to weeble wobble through the cut, causing it to catch on the back of the blade and sending it flying towards your face. I was young and dumb, and thought that Styrofoam would be good practice, i was very wrong. 2. Don't push the cut off side of the material your cutting. The reasoning is that you do not want to pinch the blade. Kinda hard for me to explain. 3. I think someone already mentioned that you should also not stand directly in the path of the blade as well.
  20. This is such a cool idea. One day man, one day
  21. This tool is for anyone that: 1. Is Bad Ass 2. Drives a Ford F Series 3. Always squints as if staring into the sun
  22. Dude, your in luck my friend. I have the same drill, but I bought it from another small tool store here in Hawaii. I'll post a picture as soon as I crack it open update: shucks, i don't have the correct security torx to open it
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