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    new impact that replaces the legendary DTW285. https://www.makita.co.nz/products/model/DTW300 This one is made in China. DTW285 was made in the UK.
  2. Well for multifunctional power heads it makes sense to keep the motor in the power head, and not in the attachment, because attachments would be expensive if every one of them had a motor . BTW, DUX60 is listed with 600W power, almost half of DUR369, but much higher RPM (9700 vs 7000) which is weird again..
  3. I noticed that the new grass trimmer (DUR369) has the motor on top, which means that the line is ultimately driven by a shaft, which means some power is lost though the shaft. On top of that, the shaft is most likely flexibile => wears out over time. Cheap Stihl gas trimmers have flexible shaft, while the quality expensive ones have solid shaft. But old Makita trimmers like DUR368 have the motor on top of the line feeder so it drives the line directly, no need for a shaft. Normally this should be more power efficient and more reliable because there's no shaft... but for som
  4. I don't understand why don't tool manufacturers use li-po pouch cells. Cylindrical cells are just not the right kind of tech for power tools because of the low discharge currents. Plus they take up too much space. But li-pos pouches can discharge hundreds of amps because of the huge surface area, and they last much longer, like 80% after 1000+ cycles. Cylindrical cells only last 250-300 cycles at 80%
  5. it's obviously a bigger battery, so 3 or 4 rows. There is no new breakthrough chemistry.
  6. So having the same connectors on batteries across all brands, does not seem to be a benefiting the user in your opinion?
  7. Makita is dead. They killed themselves with that 40 XGT bs. And they can't put 21700 in the 18V because they don't fit. So they are stuck. And frankly the others suck too. Their batteries are too big. I think the only company that has a future is the one that makes a mixed 20V-40V battery and that is small. I think Metabo has it. With some other company. At this point it's clear that batteries have to be standardised. Same battery for all cordless tools. Governments need to step in and force them to abide to a standard.
  8. That cannot be 27.000 sustainable lumens. 27.000 lumens for 3 hours would need shitload of batteries. Plus there is no way it can output that without cooling and it doesn't look they have a water cooling system in there. This is flat out false advertising. They claim 27.000 lumens when in reality you can only get that output for a few minutes.
  9. omg They make so many useless crap, instead of improving existing tools! Makita was actually a good brand with reliable tools and look now what a joke it has become.. I really hope Hilti doesn't go this route, because they are the only sane ones left
  10. There are many chinese manufacturers like Acebeam, Fenix, Imalent... that have even 60.000 lumen flashlights and most are IP rated for underwater use, 2-3m drops, so you could call them worklights. And they are made from aero-grade aluminum, not plastic like Makitas and Milwakees... And I doubt that these Makita lights can sustain 10.000 lumens. That is probably the peak output for a minute or two, after which they step down due to heat. 10.000 lumens needs active cooling, and not plastic lol. Acebeam has lights that can sustain over 10.000 lumens without step down, but
  11. You could get a 10.000 lumen chinese flashlight for $50-$100 even 2 years ago.. It's good that Makita is finally getting their hands on the latest LED tech. Better late than never I guess
  12. kat

    18v Polisher

    This tool seems pretty useless, considering you can always stick a polishing pad on a angle grinder... which btw looks exactly like this tool
  13. you can use dewalt battery in makita tools with adapter and milwakuee
  14. kat


    Power tool lights are useless. You get much brighter and better runtimes from cheap chinese flashlights
  15. ah so it doesn't fit the plugy thing. i don't understand why they do this. just to rip off some people that have both 12v and 18v tools? does that money worth the hassle of manufacturing 20 different chargers ? that means less r.d. and q.a. per charger. more but worse products instead of one but good.
  16. wtf.. on the current (old) charger it's written 7.2-18V. I didn't try 12V, but isn't it suppose to charge 12V as well if the range is from 7 to 18 ??
  17. Yep you read that right... 88V !!
  18. A new battery tech has to be superior to the current tech in all the aspects. Capacity (energy to size/volume ratio), discharge currents, lifetime cycles, flat voltage curves. Also production cost has to be low enough.
  19. There will be no new battery because current battery technology has reached its limits and there are no viable alternatives. 20700 and 21700 are just formats, and they bring no advantages over 18650 or any other format. The capacity and discharge current has not improved for over 5 years in the battery industry. Other manufacturers came up with higher capacities because they switched to bigger formats (= bigger batteries). There's no point for Makita to do the same because they would need to come up with modified tools to fit them. Don't be fooled by youtube hypes a
  20. I don't see the point of this. This will probably cost twice as much as a gas mower, even though it's waaay less powerful, it's not self-propelled and has a very small cutting width @ 46cm... What's up with this new trend to make every tool run on batteries ? Why can't people understand that some tools are simply not suited for running on batteries
  21. kat

    DHS680 and DCS551

    I was wondering if these two are interchangeable. I mean can you use DHS680 to cut metal, and DCS551 to cut wood ?
  22. That's a useless tool in cordless format. A 10" saw is not meant to be portable. When you buy a 10" saw you put it in a place and don't move it for decades. So making one cordless is irrational. They are sacrificing power, weight and size for what benefit? None...
  23. Does anyone know what brand and model of cells does a Makita battery use?
  24. LOL 50W. That's a joke vacuum cleaner. I don't even understand how can power tool companies be incapable of manufacturing a decent vac, considering their batteries can output 300-400W. All cordless vacs are completely useless, except the Dyson, which outputs 350W+ and it's almost as powerful as corded vacs.
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