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Self Locking Tape Measures


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I don't really know if I like self locking tape measures like US Tapes Pro-SL or Komelon Self Lock

It could just be habit for me, when I extend a tape measure and push the button I expect the tape to stay extended, not snap back. Do you use a self locker and do you like it? How long did it take you to get used to it?

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I like them quite a bit. Just depends on what project I'm doing if I use it or not. A lot of times, this design makes more sense than the typical tape measure. I use a 16' or 25' Fat Max for items requiring a lot of reach (measuring signs, etc.) and a 25' Stanley Lever Lock or 16' Komelon Self Locker (like you posted) around the house.

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I don't like the self lockers. They're ass backwards and too against the grain for me. Has anyone used Klein tapes? If so how did you like them?

Hmmm, where have I seen those before?



I prefer 1" wide tapes for out in the field I most commonly carry a Stanley Fat Max in either 16' or 25' I have a Fastcap Pro Carpenter with a standard reverse blade on my bench at home in the shop. I can't keep track of all the tapes I do have, they, like utility knives, seem to follow me home from the supply house on a regular basis.

I agree with the self lockers being backwards, I think the concept might be a good one though, I just can't break my old habit of pushing the button when I want to lock the tape though.

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Much better, and this has the measurements on both sides so works any way up. :)

Bahco tape measures are a little pricey here in the states, and most people don't want anything to do with metric on their tape measures, and almost all of Bahco offerings that I see have metric rules on them.

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Most over here have both metric and imperial because old guys like me still like to measure bigger stuff in feet and inches :)

Almost everyone I know in construction is totally clueless when it come to using metric. The only people that I know that have any understanding are mechanics that work on Japanese or European vehicles, people involved in the sciences (biologists, chemists, etc.) and druggies. People in general in the U.S. don't like change and can't be bothered to learn about what the rest of the world does.

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