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On To Plan 'B'


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Going to spend the day, on plan 'B', replacing the 4x4 wood posts on my privacy fence, out in left field.

project's goal is to replace posts rotted below grade, without removing the panels. I do not have access to neighbors yard, and even if i did, they have soooo much shit piled up, you couldnt get to it.

now for the part you guys will appreciate. tools to be used............

victor oxy/acetylene cutting torch

milwaukee roto hammer

milwaukee band saw

metabo grinder fitted with metabo super slicer wheels

miller welding maching

ridgid 18v drill

and, i think i can use that 18v milwaukee fuel sawzall i just got in

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LONG POST!!! grab a beer, and take a piss.

so, the carage is picked up, tools moved, car/trucks in their proper places. still have to sort and stow tools.

background ;. a few years back, posts on wood privacy fence on side of house rotted. had access to both sides. removed panels, wiggled posts, they were sunk directly into the dirt, they came out no problem  ground doesnt drain well here, holes had water in them - kinda rainy season then.

fast forward to 2016.

2 posts were leaning at rear wooden privacy fence. was able to move the 2  posts back and forth at least 50 degrees. i assumed same installation, posts in ground. cannot go to neighbors yard, way too much growth and shit back there (i'd like to see them attempt to move their wave runners)

supported the 2 posts by: making brackets and stands, using unistrut, clips, all thread, and sand bags, attached to the panels. brought both posts to plumb.

plan 'A' was to use my new fuel sawzall to cut the posts from the panels, pry the posts from them, and yank the post out. sink a new post, with the 'down' end sharpened like a spear, beat into ground, back fill, remove one  slat each side of post, to reach around and shoot screws re securing the panels. obviously, several screws will have to be sunk from my side, leaving 'screw points' exposed on their side.

wednesday, i got off work a little early, did a little prep work. previous owner set the posts in concrete............ 8'' below grade.

dug down half the circumference (my side of the fence), 2' down. seems that concrete is mostly on my side,,,,,,,,,,,so, no problem, plan 'A (B)'.

setup impromptu gantry, using pipe stands, pipe, and a comealong. sink an anchor (shell) into it with an eyebolt, , and pull. and then revert to plan 'A'. except now i have to dispose of a piece of concrete of indeterminate length.

sleep......... 2 am,,,,,,, plan "b" is brainstormed.

weld up some angle iron to flat stock, making 'T' shaped brackets. sink shells in concrete, attach brackets, continue with plan 'A', which now would be to saw off posts, pry off, thru bolt new post to brackets, remove slats, etc

today, pull all vehicles on street. (dont want spatter on anything). fab enough steel to make 8 brackets for 4 posts.

went back to check fit up........... had a frikkin brainstorm.

plan 'C'........... attach brackets to concrete. thru bolt old post to brackets. (6&10'' above where she rotted). only where the post contacted the cement was rotted. everything else seemed good enough, especially to last till we sell this dump,so,  now, no concrete to throw out. no old post(s) to burn/toss out.


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so........... tools used were (that's the main issue of this post and site)

miller welder machine, # i dont remember, not the 211 that aint set up yet

victor torch set, should have used my smith handle instead (bigger)

ridgid chain tri pod

milwaukee electrick rotary hammer

milwaukee   ''           band saw

metabo        ''           grinder

ridgid 18v drill

various hand tools

2x2 x1/4 angle iron, cut to 8'' lengths, 1/4 plate cut to 3 1/2 x 14, 3/8 galv. all thread, nuts, washers, shells.

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LOL bummer not being able to use a tool you had planned for the job! This was great reading thanks!! I should take a page out of your book and post my experiences too... too lazy ha

Although I am ripping out a massive wall of flagstone, mortar and blocks from my basement!

Oh hey what welding helmet do you use?

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So, just out of curiosity, not to create a flame war, is there a particular reason you go for Miller over Lincoln? I'm a Lincoln fanboy just because that's what I burn sticks with. I use Miller Migs not as often and like them a lot, would just never buy one. No reason other than preference. I just like to hear people's reasons for why they go for one brand or the other. It's the classic Ford vs. Chevy DeWalt vs. Milwaukee.

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and done! 6 posts resupported. 2 panels re attached to posts............ im a bad boy for doing it this way. remember - no access to back side. pounded out a slat. attached a big 'c' clamp to horizontal rail of panel, had boy1 pull on clamp, drawing panel to post. reach through space vacated by removed slat, screwed panels back into posts. climb 6' ladder, shot screws through slat into top horizontal rail.

shoot 3'' screw from back, had boy1 pull back with a channey, toenail 3'' screws from the back into the other 2 rails. it works, however, there's 3/4 or so of screw tip that is bare on their side. so sorry, cant do it another way.

+ there's so much crap back there, they'll never get to the fence.

NOW.............. time to brainstorm ideas for skunk control. my rat terrier got sprayed 3x in 2 weeks, getting tired of patrolling the perimeter before releasing the hounds.

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Ah well, if you're really worried about someone scalping their head on a screw tip, cut the tip off before driving the screw in. 

Skunk control is a pain, I'm not sure what happened when a skunk sprayed my in laws dog, it apparently left on its own, too much trouble to coexist with dogs I guess

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