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Dewalt Dust Extractor


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29 minutes ago, Hornnumb2 said:

So I am still trying to figure out which one to get Is the DWV012 worth the extra $200 over the DWV010? Thanks

There have been a couple of threads in the past few months about them, I suggest you look for them. They both run a self cleaning double filter set up and both can be used as a tool activated vacuum. The tanks on both extractors take different hoses, so they are not interchangeable. The primary hose that comes with both vacuums feature a quick coupler (DWV9000) There are about 8 different adapters that can be used with the coupler and it will hook directly to bag adapter on the newer DeWALT miter saws. If you decide to go with the DWV010 look for the DWV010X kit, it comes with 2 hoses, the smaller diameter one with the quick coupler and a larger which works with 2 1/4" accessories. The DWV012 does have variable suction while the DWV010 does not. The DWV012 features 2 larger wheels and 2 casters as well as a collapsible handle that would make rolling it around a job site and up and down stairs easier, while the DWV010 comes with 4 casters that are similar to those on a mop bucket. 


The DWV010X can be found fairly easily for $299, even Home Depot has that price at the moment. The DWV012, new or reconditioned can be found on Ebay for closer to $400, just factor for shipping costs. It is all about what you want from it, if you are going to hook it to various sanders and tools the DWV012's variable suction would help, If it is on a job site the edge again goes to the DWV012 for it's mobility set up, but if it is in the shop hooked to a miter saw or a Dust Deputy and a table saw and then used for general shop clean up, I think the advantage goes to the DWV010 with the X's extra hose.

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So I am still trying to figure out which one to get Is the DWV012 worth the extra $200 over the DWV010? Thanks

Grumpy pretty much covers it below. The extractor is powerful, easy to manoeuvre and reliable. My only niggle was that Dewalt don't seem to provide a floor cleaning attachment (wands, crevice nozzle, soft brush) etc so that you can turn it into a vac. Solved this problem by going to a Karcher centre and buying their kit which fits onto one of the adaptors that comes with the extractor. Also bought the t-stak adaptor plate available in the UK on Amazon that screws to the top of the machine allowing you to store the wands, brushes etc on top of the machine. If you buy a larger t-stak case, you can store the hose in it also. The 2 Karcher pipes slide nicely (perfectly) diagonally into a standard sized t-stak case by the way (like it was made for it). The kit from Karcher set me back about £100 but has transformed the extractor into a powerful vacuum cleaner for any delicate or large floor surface cleaning on site. [emoji106]

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