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Problem with Milwaukee 2604-22


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So I dropped my old 28V Milwaukke hammer drill the other day and basically killed it. Not to much of a problem since it was getting old anyways and was enourmous by todays standards. So I went down to HD and bought the new Fuel hammer drill. Very light, small, powerful and great runtime.

Today I went to drill a hole in a 4x6 with a 1 1/4 auger bit, which is pretty common for me and no problem with my old drill. Hit a knot, it stalled and when I tried to back it out it ripped the head of the bolt of that holds the chuck on (never had this occur before) Took it back to HD and got a new one, tried the same hole today, and the drill made a grinding noise and stalled. I just loosened the chuck to pull the tool off, and it still runs but will not shift into second gear. The worst part is I had to have my buddy pull the bits back out with his dewalt.

So I'm obviously going to take it back again, but should I try the Milwaukee a 3rd time? My concern is that they just put a much more powerful motor in this thing and did not bother to upgrade the gearbox or anything to handle the extra torque. I need a new drill and like the brushless, tried the Makita BL, but was not at all impressed. My co workers 20v max seems to handle the same task without issue, but I'm not a big fan of dewalt, and it's also not brushless. Maybe I'm too hung up on that just because it's new, but it's a faurly big purchase and I don't want to regret it in a year when a BL version comes out.

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Kinda unusual having 2 bad ones like that. Haven't heard of too many problems with the 2604. Hell, give it another shot. Law of average is on your side. Can't imagine the most powerful 18V drill on the market being incapable of drilling a hole in a 2X6.

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I use to be a Huge Milwaukee fan!

IMO Milwaukee has made nothing but sh** for quite a few years.

I loved all there old 18v cordless tools and still have a couple that I still use.

The I had the V28 line as well and liked its power and runtime but it just didn't seem to hold up like the old 18v stuff. My biggest issue with the V28 was the fact they the absolutly didn't work in the cold. I also had some of the v18 and m18 stuff from Milwaukee and it was all junk IMO.

I was very sad the day that I made the switch to Dewalt but not I couldn't be happier. They have great power and runtime and the quality that I need for the way I use my tools.

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Metabo's aren't exactly plentiful around here. The quality difference between Milwaukee and Dewalt is very minimal. As someone who has used both extensively I can tell you that there are certain tools Milwaukee makes better and certain tools that Dewalt makes better, but the overall quality is about the same. Your selecting one or the other for design, features, and selection.

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