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SK Tools made in the USA


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As everyone knows SK tools has changed hands more times than the Olympic torch over the years. In the summer of 2010 it came to rest in the hands of Ideal Industries who built a new manufacturing plant for SK in Sycamore, IL. Since January 2011 EVERY SK hand tool is manufactured in the USA at the Sycamore plant. This is a welcome change compared to the usual story of iconic American companies such as Klein, Craftsman, Crescent, and others either moving overseas or opening new operations there in lieu of putting more Americans to work. I personally feel this effort on behalf of SK is extremely commendable in a time when such a move has sadly become the exception rather than the standard. I urge everyone to give SK a hard look for all their future hand tool needs, I know I will. Nothing feels better in your hand than a professional quality American made tool. All SK Hand tools are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Check out their product page here. Hopefully some other manufacturers follow suit and get more Americans back to work.

Eric and Dan: Sycamore is about 55 miles from Chicago. Be a great place for a tour / blog story. Hint Hint ;)

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Its my first time to post on this forum,just wannat make some friends here.if its not allowed to post on this board,please delete this thread.Nice to see you guys here. :)

We're not picky about what you post where. Welcome to the forum!

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