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Die Grinder (electric vs pneumatic + model recs)

Petite Dwarf

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REQUIREMENT: needs to confine to NA electrical standards


So I'm looking for a multipurpose grinder.  I used a shop that had air and 99% of my regular work revolved around the grinders, torches and welders.  Mainly I am missing 4.5" angle grinders and die grinders.  Very easy to wield and utilize anywhere.  Currently I have space and a budget for smaller things.  It is hard to justify a mini air compressor I would really want a larger one (space does not permit the desired size).


Thus I was poking around for a die grinder and liked the idea of an electric model.  Issue seems that a right angle die grinder is rather impossible to produce?  I see the inline models which are fine but seem rather cumbersome to use.

Is there a reliable company that makes a 2 in 1 angle grinder that can work small with a 1/4" chuck and also support the sanding and cutting functions of 4.5" discs?  I'm basically asking for a lightweight angle grinder that isnt really on market or do I really need 4 tools (1 air tank, 2 die grinders and 1 angle grinder)?

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I think the market for angle die grinders is too small for most electric and cordless tool manufacturers while mechanics are still clinging to air tools.


An angle die grinder that works well with 4.5" discs and 1/4" bits is also a big ask, since they work at fundamentally different speeds and torques regardless of pneumatic or electric.  I've seen some custom chucks to put 1/4" die grinder bits on an angle grinder but you're probably stuck making your own, and they suffer from the speed difference I mentioned.  There's also this mini angle grinder from Bosch that's the same RPM as the AC Delco with more torque, but again you'll need your own chuck.


Unfortunately none of these are going to work like your pneumatics so you're stuck with a compressor or scraping together tools to get by.

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