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Formatted content issue


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In the process of starting a new topic in the Makita tool section, I attempted to add in a formatted picture from Makita that I had received in an email. This caused the thread to instantly post as a link to the main page with no option for me to either access the post or delete it in any manner... Rather odd behavior there.


Oh yeah, could you please delete those two posts in that section...

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17 minutes ago, Eric - TIA said:

I see the post, but I guess not sure what that issue is.  I see a link and a picture.  Did you want just a picture?

I made a third post with the information in it, if that one could be renamed and the other two deleted, that would solve the current problem of someone clicking on the links and being redirected.


The issue is that I was unable to complete the post. As soon as I hit the keep formatting button, the tread posted as a redirecting link.


I could also delete the third post and start a new one with the correct title, but until the other two get removed, that might be somewhat confusing.

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Still doing it. Only this time it lets me create the thread and then it auto links to the main page, even though I saved an unformatted picture in it. It won't even let me post a simple link to the Makita announcement in the Makita sub-forum...


Three more posts that need deletion...


You could create the thread about the Makita Facebook Live announcement and post it on the main page...

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Noticed that too... 


I tried clicking the thread with your link but got this intead:




Power Tool Forum Update

Posted by Eric Jopp | Dec 16, 2013 | Forum | 7  |

Power Tool Forum Update

If you’re not familiar with our Power Tool Forum, you have to check it out. We have a bunch of people who have come together and built a great community. If you have questions, want to show off your work or just talk, this is a great place to hang out.





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